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. Rotec Plans For EAA's
Osh 2010

TBI NEWSOsh 2009 What You Missed

One important thing YOU missed is the new Rotec fuel injection system developed for engines from 80 HP right through to the O540. Catch up on the news about this sensational product for YOUR engine Page dedicated to Rotec's TBI

See VIDEO by Dave Loveman Interviewing Rotec's Paul about the R2800, R3600 & TBI

in the following please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the picture ...

EAA Skywriter over Pober Jr Ace

Unpack and setting up - even before completion interested people stop for a look at Rotec's radial

Mess to become Rotec's booth .R2800 and R3600 set up ,Bleriot arrives - seen in the background ,Glenn Burt Helps Out .Interest B4 Show opens

Eric and Debbie unload their Airdrome Aeroplanes Bleriot ...

Bleriot Arrives .Bleriot being unloaded

Tim Gallagher files in his Pober Jr Ace and immediately draws attention. Glenn Burt immediately sets up the sign

Pober Jr Ace Arrives . Pober Draws attention .Up close on the Pober's R2800 .Glenn Burt places sign next to Pober Jr Ace

Osh 09 in full swing ... crowds gather

Skywriter .Osh09 in full swing..Osh 09..Osh in full swing . Osh in full swing

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... Interest in R2800 and R3600:

Anna From Russia and the Pober .Interest in the engines on display .nterest in the engines on display..nterest in the engines on display. nterest in the engines on display. Osh in full swing. Interest in the R2800 and R3600

... Interest in Tim's Pober Jr Ace and Eric and Debbie's Airdrome Aeroplanes Bleriot

Bleriot and Pober Jr Ace on display. . Pober flying the Rotec Flag. . Bleriot gets attention. Bleriot gets attention . Pober on display

... Walls of posters of Rotec powered aircraft and some Rotec parts on display

Wall of posters. .Parts and wall of posters .Parts and posters.

... Dave Carl of Airdrome Aeroplanes speaking to a potential client.

.Dave of Airdrome helps out

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Rotec would like to thank the following for all the help and assistance during the show:

Glenn Burt: with his help in setting up and attending to clients during the course of the show,

Eric and Debbie: who allowed Rotec to display their Airdrome Aeroplanes Bleriot

Tim Gallagher: who borought his Pober Jr. Ace and allowed us to display it on our booth.

Dave Carl: from Airdrome Aeroplanes who assisted during the entire show from setup right through to dismantling

Many of our clients: for dropping in with a hello and encouragement...

Look forward to seeing all next year at Osh 2010

Skywriter from Rotec's view from Booth
Osh 2008 What You Missed:

................Play the video ..... ...!!

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pics... RotecRadial and Osh08

Setting up the booth. Robert Baslee of Airdrome Aeroplanes brings in his Sopwith Pup. Draws crowds as soon as the Fly-In opens :

Rotec Sets Up for Osh08 . Sopwith Pup on the Rotec Booth! . Interest ids quick to develop . Crowds grow . Attentive crowds . Interest in the Rotec Radial

Paul of Rotec welcomes a selection of new Rotec owners:

Welcoming Robert Richtsmeier as a new Rotec Owner. Jim Bradwell New R2800 Owner .Glen Burt  New R2800 Owner. Michael Hains ordewrs R3699 fo a Hatz Classic .

Airdrome Aeroplanes Sopwith Pup on The Rotec Booth Creates a Sensation:

Sopwith pup generates interest . Airdrome Aeroplanes Sopwith Pup . Sopwith Pup on The Rotec Booth . Robert greets a client

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pics...

Inside the Rotec tent a wall of flying examples using the Rotec Radial and some of the engine's parts on display:

Wall of examples . Wall of pics and parts on display . Parts and pics of flying examples . Up close on the parts showing the high machined quality.

More around the Rotec Booth:

 At opening time . Traffic and interest picks up . Rotec's Paul at work . Interest right through to the end of the show

Tim taxix toward the tent.Tim's Osh08 Experience:

< -- Tim Gallagher in his Pober Jnr Ace Taxis into Osh08 towards Paul Poberezny’s ‘Aeroplane Factory’ Tent.

Please click on thumbnails to enlarge all thumbs with a bue boarder ...

The group

Arrives at Osh 08

Pober in the tent

Photo shoot

Photo shoof 4 2 stars

preparin to leave

Take off

Osh from the air

Tim Gallagher
Sent: Wednesday, 6 August 2008
'rotec factory'
Subject: RE: Oshkosh 2008

Hello Paul,

I hope you made it back home in one piece.

The ‘08 Oshkosh experience was mind boggling for me. I did not expect all of the attention that the Junior Ace received.

The people that came by thought that the airframe, engine, and wheel combination were perfect.
We made it through two rounds of judging – which meant that we were in contention for an award. The fact that the ship was still a bit rough made me feel that we did not deserve an award at this time (we did not win anything). It sure is nice to know that with a little time and tweaking, she will be an award winner.

An editor for Sport Aviation magazine interviewed me extensively. They also invited me on a photo shoot.

I believe my wife came over to tell you about the departure time. The battery in the Ace is five years old, and with all of the cranking we did during the ignition woes, she has become a bit weak. The ship sat in the tent for six days. At Oshkosh – in front of a few hundred people – the engine would not turn over. How embarrassing! The EAA safety volunteer propped us, and we were on our way! The crowd then cheered. We departed on 36, and made an air show break at midfield. Big fun!

The Acro Sport folks sold a lot of plans, and said my Ace was a shot in the arm for them. I hope the interest helps your sales as well. I had nothing but positive things to say about the engine and your support to all the folks who inquired about a Rotec product.

Tim G.

In a subsequent email on the 12th August 2008 Tim writes:

Hello Jim and Paul,

Oshkosh 2008 was a blur for me! The attention generated by the Junior Ace was way beyond my imagination. Seven different people helped to fly off the 40 hour FAA test period in the three weeks prior to Airventure 2008. They all said the plane flew wonderfully and the R2800 was flawless. There are still some finish details to work on – she should be ready for a proper inspection at Oshkosh next year.

Sport Aviation interviewed me while at Oshkosh. They also invited me to a photo shoot - another unexpected surprise. We briefed Saturday morning, to fly in the afternoon at Waupaca, Wisconsin. We were all set to go. My five year old battery, however, was not. I had to get propped at Oshkosh in front of one hundred spectators. I will have a new battery next year!

Enclosed are some pictures of my experience – enjoy!

Tim G
(please view more on a page dedicated to Tim's project

A big thanks to Robert Baslee of Airdrome Aeroplanes for bringing his Sopwith Pup.
See more completed Airdrome Aeroplanes Projects

Goto the Airdrome Aeroplanes Site

Thanks to Tim Gallagher & his R2800 Powered Pober Jnr. Ace displayed in Paul Poberezny’s ‘Aeroplane Factory’ Tent Great to meet old friends and Great to make new friends.
A big welcome and thanks to all those that joined the family of Rotec Engine owners.

Looking forward to Osh 2009 to say "Hello" again.

Anyone prepared to bring their aircraft for display on the Rotec Booth at Osh 09 please contact Jim

Osh 2007 What You Missed:

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pics... rotecradial

Booth set up then Dick Navratil arrives and places his Pietenpol Deluxe Aircamper:

Set up before Piet Arrives ..Pietenpole in place .. Ready to open

Team Rotec:

Team Rotec..Dick and his Piet Join the team

Show Starts and Interest Gathers:

Inerest Gathers .. Team Rotec is kept busy.. Interest Grows .. Piet is a crowd pleaser.. Admiring pubic throughout the show

Crowds Gather Every Time the R2800 Runs:

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pics..

Crowd Gathers Pre Engine Start .. Start aequence .. Contact as crowd watches on ..Crowd watches engine run ..Engine idles as Paul looks on .. Demo Complete but the crowd hangs in

Dicks Piet:

Dick beside his Piet .. EAA Osh 07 ..A great lookig Aircraft!..Dicks domain .. Doing some explaining ..Technical discussion

Rotec Around the Show:

Catching up with robert Balsee of Airdrome  Aeroplanes. .. Aerodrome Airplanes ieuport 17. .. Tracy and Paul beside Aerodromes N17.

AeroLab's Lo-Camp at osh 2007 .. Rotec's tracy and Aerolab's LowCamp. .. Team Aerloab and Team Rotec. .. Technical Discussion.

Clients, Associates and Friends:

Muphy and Rotec exchange ideas .. Potential Clients .. Neil Ring commits to an engine. .. Doug Kruger with his r200 .. Potential client.. Doug drives away with his Rotec R2800


A big thanks to Dick Navratil for bringing his Pietenpol Aircamper.
Great to meet old friends.
Great to make new friends.
A big welcome and thanks to all those that joined the family of Rotec Engine owners.

Looking forward to Osh 2008 to say "Hello" again.

Anyone prepared to bring their aircraft for display on the Rotec Booth at Osh 08 please contact Jim


Osh 2006 What You Missed:

Setting Up:

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge thepics...

Setting Up . Ron's Little Wing arrives. R2800 in position . Booth Operational

Parts on show (note the new head in the middle pic):

Parts on show . Rotec Parts .Rotec Parts

Rotec Team:

Rotec Team . Part of Rotec's Team . Ron's Little wing at Rotec's  booth . Ron and Paul . JRL's John with Rotec's Paul

Rotec's Booth draws interest:

Interest in Little Wing.Interest in R2800 R3600 and Parts.Gerneral Interest and activity.Interest in the Little Wing.Ron with prospects around his Little Wing .Rotecs R3600 draws interest .Rotec attracts volume traffic to its Booth

Little Wing demo run every day:

Cowds gather for daily Little Wing demo . Safe position for demo . Crowds gather for Demo . Little Wing's Rotec R2800 starts . Demo Concludes for another day.

Some of the many clients 'old' and 'new':

Rotec's Paul with Client . Clients new and old with Paul.

THAT BIKE a big hit Courteously of JRL (more info):

Rotec Powered JRL bike . R2800 powered JRL motorbike . JRL - R2800 powered "chopper" . Rotec powered JRL motorbike creates interest

... models on the bike Chris, Paul and Tracy....

Chris on Rotec R2800 powered JRL chopper... . Paul on Rotec R2800 powered JRL chopper... . Tracy on Rotec R2800 powered JRL chopper...

Thanks for the great level of interest!

Thanks for all the kind words!
We'll be looking to catch up with all of you next year!

OSH 2006 - Forward Planning.


Booth 400 North Aircraft Dispaly
Map: How to find us

Come and see:

  • Rotec's 7 cylinder 110HP R2800 and Rotec's 9 cylinder 150HP R3600
  • 80% Stearman Under Construction
  • Little Wing Autogyro
  • 1st Chopper to have a R2800 Fitted
  • Talk To: Rotec's Paul, Hevle's Eric (Stearman), Ron Herron (Little wing) and John Levey (JRL Motorcycles)

R2800 Powered Chopper

1st R2800 Powered Chopper by Jrl.

Built & Constructed by JRL

To enlarge the pic please
click on thumbnail

Osh 2005 - from set-up to what you missed....

Setting Up

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pics...

Setting up > Booth 400 Setting Up Booth Completed > 9 clinder and 7 cyliner in place Flybaby > Tandem Flybaby completes the Booth .in place. Flybaby a hit

The Rotec Personnel/Staff

The Team > Rotec Team Tracy & Flybaby > 2 STARS! ....Eric & Tracy > 3 STARS ...

Paul & Tom > Rotec's Paul with Koz Air's Tom Dave, Paul and Tom > Rotec's Boys Team ...


In Full Swing

High interest level .. More Crowds at Rotec's stand ..Flybaby a hit on Rotec's Booth ..

Rotec R3600 for a Hatz Classic

Hans, Sam and Paul - R3600 for their Hatz Classic...