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Introduction & Engine Application :

Rotec Aerosport Pty Ltd is a young, innovative Australian company, established in the year 2000 though it can be argued that the the seed was sown fifteen to twenty years beforehand.

Despite predictions of a rapid demise by the so called experts we've survived and flourished to become a Company that provides, not only the highest quality engine produced, but backs this engine with unprecedented level of support. A potent combination of dedication and passion from every member of Rotec's staff has ensured success beyond Rotec's wildest expectation. Today I ask: 'how wrong were those experts!'

Rotec is headed by Directors Paul and Matthew Chernikeeff with a goal to produce and develop affordable and dependable radial engines to rival the craftsmanship and authenticity of a bygone era.   Rotec's radial engines are targeted and designed for the home-built and experimental markets and its our goal to recapture the yesteryear romanticism of the radial engines while at the same time combining modern design and production techniques to yield a truly unique product.

As a family company, how lucky are we, in being able to express our collective passion every day in producing high quality 'round' engines that so many love, admire and appreciate.

With the production side taken care of by the "boys" Dad Jim (who started the whole thing by producing two fine boys) will look after your needs - complex or trivial, or be it price, its best to start with an Email to Jim - so if you have a question click here.

With many hundreds of engines sold to date we have achieved if not exceeded our objectives.

That said, despite our reputation of providing extraordinary support, we as a Company we continually strive to greater heights.

The Brothers Behind Rotec and Dad:

Brothers Paul and Matthew Chernikeeff have always been interested in mechanical technology with their main passion being the study and development of the aero piston engine. The two men have spent much of their time immersed in the technicalities of aero engine and airframe design. Like so many of us, they were introduced to aviation through the fascinating world of aero modeling. Paul won many contests with his massive Gee Bee racers (see via the Cool button). To fly those big planes they needed big engines, engines that just weren't available off the shelf so they designed and built their own! This introduced them to the many technical challenges associated with gear reduction, harmonics and four stroke engine development and design. Knowledge and experience that was later to prove invaluable as the two tackled bigger and more complex engineering problems right up to the inception of the Rotec R2800, and beyond.

Matthew a toolmaker by trade with a background in CNC operation and Paul an Automotive Electrician and self-taught machinist with a flare for radial engine design and construction. With help and support from Bill Whitney who is a highly respected qualified aeronautical engineer they make a powerful team with the youth and enthusiasm it takes to drive their Australian company Rotec Aerosport and the R2800 to the forefront of the home built and Kit airplane market place. Supplying affordable light weight radial engines. To once again put the radial design where it belongs, out of the museums and back in the skies!

'Dad' Jim Chernikeeff a B.Sc. with Honours, and many years of experience in business is the rudder in steering a delicate course between enthusiasm towards development and the financial realities of being in business today.

There are three aircraft projects underway - the first competed is the Tandem Flybaby piloted by Paul that has won many awards (see here) , Projects to follow: Kitfox 3 which is well under way and Hatz Bantam to be powered by R3600 for just a bit more power to make it more fun to fly... Exciting times!

All in all everything considered, it makes for a potent combination that is aimed towards satisfying all your needs.

The Final Result:

A high quality 7 cylinder radial engine which is lightweight, powerful and reliable. Specifically designed for the homebuilt aircraft enthusiast was released into the marketplace in the year 2000.

In the ensuing years (time flies) the need for a larger engine became evident and a 9 Cylinder 150HP Radial was designed and released to the market in 2005 an like its little brother it also gained immediate acceptance.

Browsing our Web Site:

(Just by way of a reminder if you see a thumbnails with a blue boarder it will expand, or take you to a link.)

Click to enlarge! See specs video sound and moreWe've tried to make the browsing experience both interesting and informative. To that end we need to thank the many customers that have submitted visual and text material about their projects (click here to view project table)

Start your experience by clicking on the thumbnails representing each of our engines.

We at Rotec hope you'll enjoy the browsing experience.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any additional questions that you might have, or if you wish to get a price on one, or both, our engines (click here) but please do browse the site as there is much on offer.

Click to enlarge! See specs, Vieo sound and more!The new 9 cylinder was introduced at Osh 2006 and has provided clients with just that little more Oomph! for the larger craft.

The acceptance of this engine has been extraordinary and is attributed primarily on the history gained with the R2800's quality, Rotec's support level and the general acceptance that Rotec cares about its product and cares about the end user.

We owe a debt of gratitude towards clients who pushed us, reluctantly at first, towards this development that's now expanded horizons for Rotec.

New developments are on going so keep a sharp lookout at the new stuff as it just might escape your eagle eye.

Please start your Rotec experience from our home page (click here) and if you have the slightest interest in round engines I'll guarantee that is going to be one great experience! To start that experience (click here)...

Jim Chernikeeff (the "Dad") - don't hesitate in contacting me on any matter - you might think its trivial - but I do not so click here to send me an Email.

If you don't want to go through the whole experience of the "browse" at least treat your self to the experience of a sound and video of the R2800 firing up (click here); its not quite as powerful an experience as the R3600 - to compare and hear Rotec's R3600 fire up (click here).






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