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Article: {AUF Magazine}

Brothers and aviation enthusiasts Matthew and Paul Chernikeeff are manufacturing 110 HP radial engines at their Rotec Aerosport factory in Braeside, Victoria.

Achievement of the major task in designing and building the engine is due to the Chernikeeff brother's unique combination of knowledge and skills. Designer Paul Chernikeeff is a qualified automotive electrician and self-taught machinist with an intense interest in radial engines design and Matthew is a toolmaker and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinist.

Paul's first radial design was a self hand crafted 7-cylinder 350cc Radial engine, constructed in 1997 and intended for his scale model aircraft. The engine attracted great interest in the Australian aviation community, and then  Australian and overseas aviation magazines ran articles on the 350cc engine resulting in many inquires via phone, letters and e-mail from enthusiasts worldwide.

Paul said "At first I discounted the interest as mere enthusiasm but one persistent man, Geoff Hargraves, could not emphasize enough just how important it was for us to consider a larger version and invited Matt and I a trip to the Caboolture air show in Queensland to display and run my radial engine next to Geoff's round cowled home built "Scamp" biplane. The interest was overwhelming. Every time I fired her up literally hundreds of people would gather - it became unsafe! A rope had to be put up to stop people getting too close. We went up to the show well prepared with brochures describing the engine. We arrived at noon, ran the engine at 1pm, and all the brochures were gone by 2pm. It was an enlightening trip.

"The continuing volume of inquires for an affordable 100HP radial incorporating modern technology persuaded Paul and Matt to form Rotec Aerosport Pty Ltd to design and produce light weight radial engines for aircraft in the homebuilt, and kit plane categories. The equipment at Rotec's Braeside factory near Moorabbin (Harry Hawker) airport in Melbourne includes two large CNC machines tools along with numerous special machine tools to produce the engines.

Paul continued, "The result of our research and the overwhelming response to the concept gave us the needed encouragement to go to the next step and form Rotec Aerosport Pty /Ltd, acquire the necessary equipment and go for it. It’s a lot of work, but its what we do. We are totally committed to producing an Engine to world class standards”.

"Rotec R2800 design specifications and notes are: · Designers Matthew And Paul Chernikeeff · Configuration Seven Cylinder Radial Four Stroke


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  • Total Diameter 810mm. Approx.
  • Dry Weight 102Kg (224.4lbs) Inc. All Bolt on Engine Accessories
  • Ignition / Type Dual, electronic and magneto
  • Carburetor  40mm Bing Pressure Compensated
  • Dry Sump Lubrication, Geared Oil Pressure And Duel Scavenge Pumps
  • Bore / Stroke 80mm X 80mm
  • Heads Two Valves Per Head, Push Rod Operated. Overhead Valve
  • Spark Plugs Two Per Head (NGK DCPR8E)
  • Starter Electric Auto Type 12 Volt 1kw
  • Charging System Alternator 35 Amp inc. built in voltage regulator
  • Fuel Consumption 22ltrs / hour @ 75% Power.
  • Oil Consumption near immeasurable.
  • Power 110 HP @ 3600 RPM via 3:2 Planetary Reduction Gear Box


For more information regarding, pricing, and delivery schedules contact Rotec Aerosport Pty Ltd by E-mail:

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For more Information on how to contact us please click: 'Contact Us'.

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