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For all inter-business relations regarding status on agencies, dealers, service, spares parts and even potential investors. Please contact Jim Chernikeeff for the final word.

No matter how small you are we may still have an opportunity for you so don't hesitate in coming forward.

Information on Agencies:

In our marketing strategy we seek people who are already in the aeronautical business and who fall within one or more of the following three categories:

  • Aircraft frame designers.
  • * Aircraft frame kit manufacturers and or suppliers who might also provide a service in supplying their branded aircraft in completed form to the general public.
  • Mechanics and service providers that help the public in a range of services from general maintenance and major repairs, right through to building the complete aircraft to a clients specification or desires.

    * Similar to OEM but with one important distinction: being that the R2800 cannot be re-badged. The engine must always be referred to as the Rotec R2800.

Our philosophy is centred on agents rather than distributors; consequently we don't expect our agents to promote our engine per se. The Agent is expected to promote their own product or service with the R2800 as an option available to the Agent's client.

In the practical world the interest in our radial is substantial; it's this fact allows the Agent to use the engine to attract people to their product or to their service.

We do not discourage the Agent from selling just the engine; but, we encourage such sales to be accompanied with a service - let's say designing a total aircraft, providing a kit or work such as fitting the engine to an airframe.

We do discourage the Agent from focusing on the R2800 as a stand alone promotion.

From the Agents point of view the R2800 links to the Agents existing services rather than just an engine sale. The engine's function is to generate interest and to extend a desirable option that becomes available to the Agent's client. In so doing the R2800 is itself promoted by default rather than by design. It's is a distinction that needs to be grasped.

Apart from using the R2800 as a marketing tool the Agent will qualify for a supply of engines at a discounted rate. Furthermore, the Agent can be assured that the factory will not undercut on recommended retail price as set by the factory.

In an effort to reduce the possibility of price cutting Rotec will endeavour to ensure all agents do not sell lower than the recommended retail price.

Rotec will also feature any appointed Agent on Rotec's Web-Site. The page will characteristically provide photographic and text messages on any interesting R2800 related project the Agent is working/worked on. The page will also provide information on services that the specific Agent provides along with links to the Agents own page. This page will be constructed subject to approval from the Agent.

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