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How it All started

It all started with model aircraft. First with controlled line models and then to radio controlled models finishing with mammoth scale model aircraft.


The weak link

The motors for these aircraft, especially in the case of the Gee Bee were always inappropriate. This reality spurred us on to design a radial engine.


The Prototype

In early 1997 the completion of the first test engine a smaller 350cc version - was built and successfully tested to prove the design concept. The engine generated great interest with requests for a more powerful power plant suitable for full-size aircraft.


The 1st Full Scale Motor

Testing the 1st Australian designed and built seven cylinder radial engine. Light weight, powerful, and reliable. The Rotec R2800 An affordable radial designed for homebuilt aircraft.

(Adrian in the background Paul in the foreground)


More Testing

clocking up the hours testing - right up to dusk most evenings.



Dyno Testing



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