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Aerolab elect to use the R2800 with their Sport Camper-LoCamp:

For Expressions of Interest Contact: Francesco Rizzi - Aerolab

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Lo Camp Project is Completed and Flying. Makes appearance at Osh 2006

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Finished Plane In Hi Res

AeroLab Lo Camp at Osh 2006 .At Osh 2006..Instrumentation....Rotec R2800 powered LoCamp at Osh 2006 .

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23rd Nov 2005 Francesco Rizzi writes: Hi Jim,

the "Sport Camper-LoCamp" model has been finally completed;

Just some small last refining and the CAA last visit.

I include some preliminary pics; a complete package (and an adequate media package) will be prepared shortly....

Then on the 28th November 2005: Hi Jim,

Pics: if you wish you may start releasing the pictures on your web page, considering the following info:

The aircraft is ready for the first flight; the Sport Camper line (LoCamp and HiCamp) will be introduced to the public at Sun&Fun 06;

the two models (low wing and parasol wing) will be immediately ready; the new certification for the new Sport Pilot Category is underway.

The web site will be released shortly.

For your info I can add the following: during the initial commercial launch we will sell positions for the Sport Pilot version;

the R2800 ( and our structure will hold the new 3600 without big problems) will be offered only if the engine will be in the Sport Pilot Engine list.

Other possible engines for this project are the new Mikron IIIC 80Hp and LOM M132A (120 HP).


Francesco Rizzi
Aerolab Sas

The LoCamp has a cowl...

Aerolab have the position of the engine and thrust line spot on. For this type of cowl the top pistons sit somewhat higher than the fuselage top line...

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Correctly positioned engine..Side on emphasises the correct thustline..See it at Fun'nSun 2006

Aerolab have confirmed their participation at the next Sun&Fun - drop in on them and take a closer look at this sensational aircraft...


A sensational aircraft has been in the air since Feb 2006...