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Airdrome Aeroplanes

Photo Gallery of Completed Craft Using Rotec Radials..
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R3600 powered N28 . R3600 powered N28
R3600 Powered Nieuport 28
Osh 2006

75% Scale DR1. 75% Scale DR1
R2800 Powered 75% Scale DR1
August 2007

Nieuport 17 . Nieuport 17
R2800 Powered Nieuport 17
Osh 2007

Robert and Sopwith Pup .Airdome Pup with R2800 Power .Up closer to Rotec Radial on Airdrome Sopwith Pup.
R2800 Powered Full Scale Sopwith Pup
April 2008 - Was on display at Osh 08

Demo at Osh 08 - R2800 You Tube Video Startup on Sopwith Pup

rotec+raR2800 Powered Full Scale Nieuport 28!
Flying February 2009.

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rotecradialFull Scale Nieuport 28 from Airdrome Aeroplanes and Rotec R2800 Power!alIn Flight
.......Blake and his N28 .Port Rear view of Blake's N28 . Port Front view of Blake's N28 . Starboard  Front view of Blake's N28 .Starboard  Rear view of Blake's N28

R2800 Powered Bleriot takes to the skies.
March 2009

Bleriot Takes to the skies .Bleriot. Pascal getting ready for Channel crossing

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Rotec R2800 Powered Airdrome Aeroplanes Bleriot Wins Award!

29th April 2009 Pascal writes:

Just to let you know. That we have been at the Sun N'Fun in Lakeland, Florida last week. There was a huge interest in the plane and the engine. AND we have won the award for the Best plans built light sport aircraft.

The other good news is that I have been invited to take part in the official celebrations in Dover to commemorate the first channel crossing. There will be three Bleriots flying over the channel on the 25th of July. One will have an Anzani engine, the other has a Gnome engine and YES the third one to fly in loose formation with the others will have a ROTEC engine. We will be allowed to start on the original location and land near Dover.


Best regards
Pascal Kremer


More to come soon: Rotec Powered Pups, Bristol Scout, Nieuports and DR1's...

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