CIRCA Nieuport 12
Barry Mocabee
(RotecRadial R2800)

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Barry Mocabee and His CIRCA Nieuport 12 Project: ROTECRADIAL POWER - HOME PAGE OF nIEUPORT 12 BY bARRY mOCABEE

The late Graham Lee of CIRCA envisaged the R2800 to be set backward of the firewall encasing the accessories in a recess within the firewall. When done the aesthetic of the aircraft should change to greater authenticity.

Construction work done by Barry was towards obtaining this objective. The basic frame of the plane along with the wings is complete.

Fuse and wings ready for covering . Good Overal view of wings and fuse. . Firewall mock up . Firewall mock up - calculating  frame possibilities

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With the firewall position in place Rotec was asked to design a mounting frame to Barry's specifications. Click on the "thumbnails" to see the drawings in pdf format:

Front  View Drawing . Side View Drawing . Iso Drawing . R2800 in place. Side View

The "shallow" frame was as the late Graham Lee envisaged with the accessories behind the plane of the firewall.

The first check was to attach the engine to the frame and check the fit and depth. Note the penetration of some of the bolt on accessories:

Engine attached to Mounting Frame

With the Rotec frame attached, its that "shallow", one could easily miss seeing it.

Mount and Fusleage . Shallow mount. Engine Mount .Engine Mount front view .N12 Mount .Up close to the mounting frame

The accessories will penetrate through the plane of the firewall through the hole.

Front view showing where the acc's will penetrate . view showing where the acc's will penetrate

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The accessories will be within the recess. The photos show: recess made then attached to the firewall ...

Recess for Rotec R2800 Acc's. . recess attached to firewall . Close up on recess.

Looking ahead with great interest and some excitement on looks on this frame and how the engine fits ....