Nieuport 17
(Candice Uhlir)

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Candice Uhlir's Nieuport 17 Kit from CIRCA :

(from the work/designs of the late Graham Lee)

Rotec's first lady builder. You have reached Candice Uhlir's rotecradial Home page

This pic shows an early Nieuport 17 with 60 Squadron RFC. It is fitted with a Nieuport 16 cowling and had been fitted for rockets. As far as is known personal markings were not introduced 'till much later.

SQN 60 RFC Nieuport 17(Work on this project starts May 2006)

Candice will be replicating the Nieuport flown by Major Keith Caldwell of NZ:

Aircraft # B 1618
Assigned to Caldwell during the period of 5/22/17 - 7/1/17
Flight B
Aircraft # 3



Research by Candice provides the following overall paint scheme:

  • Silver finish
  • Standard Sqn 60 RFC Nieuport Markings per Schiffer.
  • Flight markings in (yellow or white----Candice likes Yellow) on the wheel covers.
  • Some cowls were also painted in the flight color.

The remaining questions are which is it to be?: White or Yellow? Cowl color?

At this juncture Candice has: Yellow wheel covers, polished silver cowling

Anyone who has additional information on the subject colours, markings should contact Candice via Candice's BLOG which contains a wealth of facinating information.

15th Feb 2008: For a more complete update please goto the following links as provided by Candice:

Description of progress being made is in a new blog. Click to

The above blog is supplemented by many new photos from tail post to firewall. To view these click

To get you started here are several to view:

Shop Certified Stainless Wheels > Shop certified wheels

Temporary Firewall. Entire assembly is bolted. Fwd. Cabanes extend through table > Temp Firewall

Fuselage Bottom - Wood Bracing for alignment to reference line with squares and plumb bobs > Fuse showing good progress

Milestone Pics Feb 2008 through to Feb 2009 Catch-up & Update ( for more and more detail see ):

.Turtle deck frame .Head Rest Fairing . Walnut head rest . Seat (custom made) .Tail Feathers

As of Feb 2009 the fuselage is basically complete.

Project is Taking beautiful shape with an obvious eye for detail.

Looking for more to come soon.
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