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This page is under construction but will contain exciting news for those interested in The Storch or The Criquet.

The Criquet will be designed specifically to accommodate the R2800!

This new and friendly supplier will:

  • Build the entire aircraft to your requirements.
  • Supply Kits of exceptional quality.
  • Convert existing Storch aircraft to R2800 powered. Thus making them into fully fledged Criquets.
  • Service or repair existing aircraft - not only Storch aircraft but all aircraft
  • Deliver promptly
  • Provide all services in a prompt, helpful, courteous and friendly manner.

Rotec are delighted to appoint Pablo as an agent, and to be associated with the Criquet project.

For the latest news.

Please Visit Criquet Aviations Home Page (Click Here)
You will not be dissapointed!


COL TEL/FAX (+57) 676.4216 / 676.4254
USA PH: 305 726 0488


Fly In:
Guaymaral (SKGY)
Runway length 1720 m
Runway width 20 m
Height 2584 m
Latitude (DD) 4.810
Longitude (DD) -74.060

Now Read about the project:

Construction Of The First Criquet:

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Frame.. .. .. ..

Prepare to mount the engine.. ...... ...........

Just needs covering .. ... ...

Ready To Go ... Pablo and his R2800 Powered Criquet! .. Rotec Powered Criquet .. Criquet Ready to Fly .. Criquet From The Rear ...

Power Up ... Criquet ready to fly.. R2800 Fires Up .. Rotec R2800 on Criqet Ready to Go

Taxi to Take off ... ...

.... .............Pablo Informs:" .. I flew it and it is close to perfect."

Paul (Rotec Technical Director) Comments: "Brilliant!! Best ever Storch, very scale looking too".

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cockpit Criquets instrumentation engine R2800 on Criquet

Flight from take off during the day then having fun 'till dusk:

Taxi to take off . Taxi to take off. Take off

Flying Over Columbia . Criquet in Columbian Skies

Over the mountains of Columbia . Dusk . Heading home.

Take off . R2800 powered criquet
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Flying over the Magdalena River Colombia:

Great Plane!