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Richard & David Shaw's
Gere Sport Biplane
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Richard & David Shaw's Gere Sport Biplane

Gere Sport Biplane

2.2 Litre Jabiru Power

Conventional "flat" Engine

NOW transformed by a

Rotec R2800 Radial

"Round" power ...


Rotec powered Gere Sport takes to the skies. ........Transformation is complete

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RAdial Powered Gere Sport at dusk

October 2006.

Gere sport wins Grand Champion Wagga 06.

Gere Sport Takes off .Cham looks over Wagga . The trophy with proud owner Richard Shaw. . Smiles all round

At Avalon 07 (Largest Air-show in the Southern Hemisphere) a Bigger Award!

Avalon 07 Winner .Close Up on the 2 Awards .All 3 trophies
1st Trophy: Best Overall Sport Aircraft
2nd Trophy:
1st Runner Up Airsport & General Aviation - Concours d'Elegance 2007

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A Must Read Publication in GA Pilot Jan 07 on Realising the Dream of Building a Gere Sport!
(THERE ARE SIX PAGES In this file which is 0.75 Meg so please be patien!t Acrobat Reader is required - free download at if don't have it installed)

Now read on how the project moved to finalisation:


The Shaw family commits to the conversion and takes delivery of their R2800 at NATFLY 06 (Narromine):

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Shaw's purchase R2800 for Gere Sport..... New R2800 Owners

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The old engine

Old engine removed


1st May 2006 David Writes: Hi Jim,

We made lots of visual progress today. Had the last fly with the Jab engine yesterday and this morning the Jabiru was removed. The first pic is with cowls removed. Second pic is ready to start installing Rotec. We used our existing engine mount with a very minor modification to hang the Rotec for initial fitting of new battery box, oil tank, and hoses ,pipes and cables.

Third pic - Its looking good!!!

Our engine mount will be modified at the top mounts , but otherwise should remain the same. ( Its all 3/4 inch and .049 thick wall ) We will check the strength again to be certain.

More pictures to follow as we progress with the installation.

David Shaw

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Oil Tank . Battery Box

Engine Mounting Frame . Cowling

Trial Mount

Gere Sport and R2800 Transformation Completed!

Rotec Powered Gere Sport - Air to Air

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Sat 3rd of July 2006 David writes:

Hi Jim

We have made some progress lately. The oil tank is of "classic Gal Iron"
as is the battery box. The box was moved from on the front of the forward baggage locker to inside the top starboard side of it.This keeps our Cof G correct.The cowling is in in two pieces.The top half uses the original cowl, shortened and the fibreglass front attached. The bottom half is all new and is fibreglass. Our engine mount required only modification to the top attach points.Pleanty of strength with 3/4 " 049 tube.

The Rotec is now mounted (The look on Dad's face says a lot).

The photos need to be low resolution for me to email them, but I am putting these plus others onto a disc which I will send to you later.

David Shaw

10th of August 2006 David writes:

Hi Jim,

Its coming up to 5 hours of testing the Gere Sport with the Rotec radial installed. Only minor adjustments to the trim settings were required to enable me to fly hands off. The 3 degree pull round we put on the engine is ideal for our biplane . Take-offs are a breeze with very little torque effect. Climb rate is between 800 and 1000 ft per minute at 65 kts.I'll get an accurate figure on a calm day. Cruise speed is 85 kts with 2950 engine revs and fuel burn has been 19 to 20 litres per hour.

It gets everybody talking at our local aerodrome and asking a lot of questions. "Looks good" and "sounds great" are said often.

I'll get more accurate performance figures with a bit more time, and will let you know .

A couple of minor problems with having a Rotec Radial:

  1. Sore face muscles- from all the smiling.
  2. Dry throat -from all the talking you do to people asking about the engine.

The photo was taken near Cowra ( NSW) on 6th August.

More soon,

David Shaw