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ietenpol Aircamper

(1st of its type to be fitted out with an R2800)
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Dick will be joining Rotec at Osh 2007 Booth 400 North Aircraft Display (map to find us)

.....Dicks Piet Makes its Debut as a Completed Plane at Osh 2007: rotecradial

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Dick Navratil's Piet and rotecradial Home page
In Flight


Dick and his Piet at Osh 2007
. Completed Piet on Show at Osh 07 . Completed Piet on Show at Osh 07 . received the final sign off for Airworthiness

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.... Waiting on flight data and more pics ...

... Now Read About The Project...

Dick Navratil's
Pietenpol Aircamper

History and technical information about the Piet:

The first plane was introduced in the 1932 Flying and Glider manuals and it was intended to carry a Ford Model A engine.

In 1933 a new plane was introduced, known as the Improved Aircamper, also for the Model A, but commonly the Continental A-65 was also used. At the same time an option was made for a steel tubed fuselage.

In the mid 1960's a new fuselage was introduced to carry the Corvair engine and a couple of others they were playing with. This new fuselage is approximately 12" longer than original. To further complicate things, a man named Grega drew a plan which he called the Grega Aircamper which is by outside appearance, the same. The differences are that he used J-3 parts and fittings to make the plane easier to build. So there are total 5 fuselages out there, with different weight and balance problems.

Dick Navratil built his plane with the R-2800 in mind from the start so he constructed it with the Long Fuselage.

Though the Ford Model A engine is similar in weight to the R-2800 depending on the fuselage and c/g considerations for both engines there needs to be some additional considerations in regard to:

  • Construction of the engine mount with possibly penetrating the firewall using a recess so as to set the engine back
  • Placement of the oil tank (in relation to space available)
  • A cognacense to the location and access to the the various bolt on accessories without hindering the functionality of the passenger cockpit.

The Rotec factory provides assistance and a free design service with any order in regards to a mounting frame and layout. The work is done in collaboration checking on and for a desired outcome.

Project Info:

19th March 2005 Dick Writes:

My engine arrived while I was out of town a couple of weeks ago. I went to the hangar and did a first test installation today. It's a real beauty.

Dick Navratil

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16th Feb 2006: Great progress made...

Oil Fuel Tank and Battery Installation ...

Oil and Fuel tank . Oil and fuel tanks . Battery and tanks . battery and tanks

Details: Hinge Mount, Hardware (Oil filter, Carb filter, Fuel Pump...), Instrumentation and Harley Wheel & Brake ...

Hinged mount reveals... , Harley wheel and brake . Cockpit and Instumentation

Ready to Start ...

Piet get a Rotec . R2000 close to 1st Start . Ready 1st start RH view . ready for 1st start

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Great news about the 1st Start..

From: Dick Navratil []
Sent: Thursday, 13 April 2006 11:25 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: start up

Hi Jim

I started the engine for the first time yesterday. It runs very smooth. I ran it for 3 seperate short intervals today. On first start up it spit out some oil from the exhaust with a white puff of smoke. I take that it was left in the cylinders from shipping. It was a bit hard starting tilll I figured out that I had crossed the choke and throttle cables.

No matter how much you check, there is always something to miss.

R2800 Fires Up!

11th November 2006 Dick writes : Jim
I have made progress lately. The tail section is on and finished. I have finished the wing center section but have not mounted it yet..... ... As soon as I have the wing center section mounted, I will be sending more pics. I will be working on finishing the wings over the winter and will probably finish this project by spring, ready for taxi tests.




18th Nov 2006 Dick adds:

The slot cut into the bottom of the center section is where the radios will go.

The wing is almost ready for covering, just a few finishing touches left.

The tail section is finished and installed.

Poly Fiber made a special batch of Poly Tone finish for me. It is a clear finish with a wood type stain added and UV filter.

I did a lot of testing to try for a look of stretched leather. I'm pretty happy with the result. I have the leather for the interior, I will be starting on that. I'm going to have a saddle shop finish it for me. I want the seats to have a western saddle type of look.

I am planning on taking my Piet to a fly in at Brodhead, Wi. by trailer, the weekend before OSH. Sure, I would like to join you at the show. I could trailer the plane up. I really think that it will be done, but there is no way I can can close to having test flights even close to being done.


Dick will be joining Rotec at Osh 2007

Booth 400 North Aircraft Display (map to find us)

21-June 2007:Hi Jim,
I have been hard at work on my project. Here are some new pics. I completed hook up on the fuel wing system today. Last week I put the finishing touches on the brake system. Now I'm balancing and tuning the wings and controls. Soon I will be at the point of first taxi test.

Registration Number . DickNavratil  painting. the Rego . Reg istration No on Both sides done. . Weight and Balance . Looks Great! . Fuel flow
See you at OSH. - Dick N.

Absolutely Superb! ... Looking forward to the next set of pics ...