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Jack Lenhardt's Bleriot takes to the skies :

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1st Start . first taxi . Bleriot First Taxi . Bleriot completed

27th July 2006: We have the engine running great with perfect oil pressure and it is as smooth as silk. I taxied it today, made some throttle-blast turns on the ground in the grass and was well pleased with it all. Jack

Jack's Bleriot takes off..Bleriot in flight. R2800 powered.. Rotec powered Bleriot takes to the skies..Bleriot powered by R2800 set to land.

Bleriot landing at the McMinnville OR and tucked away in the Everegeen Museum and is on public view: location and info

Coming in to land . Tucked away  in the museum.

In Flight Video...

17th August 2006: I made two flights today. The engine runs like a Swiss watch. We're really happy with it. I will send some pictures shortly. Jack

Now Read about this sensational project.....

Owner Jack Lenhardt

Design, Engineering and Construction by Evergreen Vintage Aircraft Museum:

This museum is located in Oregon and when the project is completed they hand over the plane to Jack Lenhardt .

More information about the Museum can be found here: http://www.sprucegoose.org/

About The Bleriot:

Frenchman Louis Bleriot's Bleriot XI was the most popular pre-World War I monoplane. The example exhibited here is very similar to the aircraft he used on July 25, 1909, to make the first heavier-than-air flight across the English Channel. Taking off from the dunes near Calais and landing beside Dover Castle, he made the 23-mile (37 kilometers) flight in 37 minutes at an average speed of 36 miles (58 kilometers) per hour.

The single-seat Bleriot XI was capable of remaining in the air for up to three hours and could climb to 1,640 feet (492 meters) in five minutes.


Construction Progress:

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... ...

In June 2005 Mike Writes: Hello everyone,
It has been a long time since we have spoken. I hope it did not take too long to download all the photos. ...

You are more than welcome to post them and if you want to add my email address you may.

The installation was a bit tricky, but it worked well in the end. We have not run it yet because we do not want to get oil on the aircraft before we cover it. It should be covered sometime this fall, many people are asking to have it on display for some time without the covering. We were very close to asking you to provide the engine with only two magnetos, no starter and no alternator. This would have lighten the aircraft up quit a bit. I should be weighing it this week and we will know where we stand, or should I say where we balance. Hope all is well.


Each one of the following photographs was taken by Mike Wright.

If you wish to contact Mike You may do so by Email: Michael.Wright@sprucegoose.org


aiaaiaaaEngine Mount Parts ... .. .. ..

Hardware and Connections ... .. ..

aWing, Fuselage and Cockpit ... .. .. ..

aaiaiiaaaaaaaEngine Mounted ... .. .. ..

aaiaaaaaJust Needs Covering ... ..

...............................Above Photos Courtesy Michael E Wright

From: Jack Lenhardt [mailto:Jack@airhaven.net]
Sent: Saturday, 13 May 2006 1:27 AM
To: roteceng@optusnet.com.au
Subject: RE: R-2800 on a Bleriot XI

Hi, Jim,

The aircraft is now 90% completed with only the cover to complete. This starts Monday and the aircraft should be done and flying by the end of June. If everything goes well, we should be showing it at Arlington, Washington 2006 the first week of July. The FAA said I would need to have some flying time on it to fly it at Arlington, so we'll see how that goes, but it should at least be on static display.