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Lynn Williams - the designer of these fine aircraft presents:

....I am one individual working from a small drawing office, pretty much finding time between commissioned works in the field of aviation and maritime art, as well as designing specialised welding and positioning equipment for the aerospace industry, to develop potentially thrilling, inexpensive, single (and two-seat) aeroplanes, especially biplanes which lay heavy emphasis on pure handling, and which turn back the years to the '20s and '30s for their style and inspiration.

Your engine is the single most beautiful piece of engineering in terms of light aeroplane engines to hit the world scene since before WW2!

Any designer worthy of his salt would leap to the drawing board to incorporate your mouthwateringly gorgeous radial into an uncompromisingly 'period' piece, and the Z-type developments, especially the bespoke variant emerging as the Type R (R for guess what!) is a very logical choice, and drawings are proceeding to establish the ideal weight & balance situation, and the modifications regarding stagger and wing area to accommodate the higher installed weight and moment arm effect: see attached email with planviews...

Best regards for now.

Lynn Williams

(Email: Sat 1st Dec 2001)

Aditional Info in the Flitzer family of aircraft can be found here:

You can contact Lynn by email:
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So the association begins.

HervèRibet's Stummelflitzer Type R aerobatic biplane:

As usual: Click on the thumbnail to view full size...

  Hello Flitzerfans,

Here are the first pictures from Henri Ribet, in France, of the very first prototype of the Flitzer Z-1 Type R Stummelflitzer aerobatic biplane. For those who don't know, this is a four-aileron, dedicated aerobatic development of the Z-1, Z-21 and Z-1 Type S, especially adapted for the Rotec R2800 seven cylinder, 110 hp. radial engine, which is causing such tremendous interest among homebuilders.

Together with the prototype SK26, (and possibly the Tigerfalk), these three biplanes represent distinct character types, which, though superficially different, retain many characteristics in common, and are all wooden, single seaters, of similar size, designed with aerobatics in mind. It is intended that all will be equipped with the R2800!

I see the Type R as an exciting departure, as it was the first of the Flitzer series to be specifically considered for the R2800, and had increased reserve factors designed-in. The unique 'double V' internal plywood stiffening to the liftwire pick-up positions may be observed. The SK26 has been modified to accept the R2800, while the Tigerfalk, a pre-Flitzer design with a more advanced wing section and bigger, swept-back wings, and of a later period style (1930s), was designed around a 90 hp. Salmson radial, for which the Rotec R2800 is a perfect substitute. I have included a side elevation of the proposed SK26 with a radial motor, and the recently skinned fuselage of Rupert Wasey's Flitzer Z-21 'Roundtail'.

Congratulations to Herve for boldly advocating this developemnt and deciding that he would build a no-compromise aerobatic machine, in the glorious tradition of radial engined biplanes, which many designers favoured between the wars, and is still an unbeatable combination for vintage appeal today.

Validation of the performance of this machine will be an eagerly awaited experience.

Best wishes, Lynn Williams
Designer: Flitzer Sportplanes

16th Nov 2003

Vic Long & Jeremy Moore's Maksimov SK26

As usual: Click on the thumbnail to view full size..

Dear Lynn, I've talked to Jeremy about putting the SK on the Rotec website. We'd both be delighted for that to happen.

I got the lower aft skin onto the centre section today, and the top will go on tomorrow, after I've prepared the leading edge, so should be completed at the weekend. Then onto the wings for a big push upto Christmas. The spars and most of the ribs are ready to go, apart from the interplane strut bracketry, but that shouldn't hold things up, I can add those later.
Photos soon! Vic (20th Nov 2003)

...Here are the first pictures of the structurally complete Maksimov SK26 centre-section. The pictures are not best quality, unfortunately. I have asked Vic Long to also supply a close up of the underside to show the strut pick-up lugs, and the roll-wire attachment lug, for reference.

Next we should see an assembled upper wing panel. I am definitely getting excited over here!
I have only one Gobsheet left to do, and then its on to the Type S lower, and Type R upper and lower wing panels respectively, and their aileron linkages....

Best wishes, Lynn (29th Nov 03)

Hi Jim, YES!! Vic Long and Jeremy Moore are well on with the prototype, with the centre-section and upper wings progressing. The fuselage and tailgroup are nearly finished, and they are very enthusiastic about installing the R2800.

Cheers, Lynn (November 2003)

  . . .. March 2004: Dear Lynn, ...Love the picture! Here are some of the SK upper panels. I checked the aileron spar gap. It's one inch, so all's well... Regards, Vic