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Ron's & Fred's Eaton Aviation Co is appointed as a Rotec Agent.

Ron Jones and Fred Jackson have had several aircraft win awards in major events here and is in the hope that Fred's Clipper will be among the list.

Ron has an Inspection authorisation certificate and has just received a DAR certificate to certify new Experimental aircraft.

If you are in the NY region there would not be a better qualified men than Ron and Fred to attend to your aviation needs.

Mailing Address: Ronald L Jones - 2707 English Ave - Eaton, NY 13334........Email:

Current Projects: Fred Jackson's Piper Clipper and Ron Jones 3/4 Wako Cabin:

(Ron has also purchased a Radial for his 3/4 Wako Cabin - his project has stalled while he works on Fred's aircraft. We are lookig forward to featuring Ron's 3/4 Wako in the future)

Click on the thumbnail to view full size pictures...

Progress on Ron's Wako:

... ... ...

Despite Ron's Wako being stalled while he works on Fred's Clipper, we're hoping to see new shots and comments so look out for more...

Progress On Fred's Piper Clipper:

Ron Writes (Dec 2003): Attach pix are an update on putting your engine in a Piper Clipper. This is a four seat 1950 plane I am doing for Fred Jackson of Schenectady, New York. We have the rest of the plane rebuilt and put it on the landing gear today.

The plane will have a custom Leather interior, a new instrument panel included auto pilot. We made a new landing gear 3" longer to clear the prop and expect it to weigh around 900 lbs.

Hope to have the engine running by mid January and will be in Sun & Fun.

Ron Jones
Eaton, NY,USA

The collector ring is being made with several sections slid together.

Original idea was to run the exhaust thru a muffler for heat but will run with without muffler initialy to get performance data. Brian's prop on the Kitfox seems too small yet so we have had one made 78 x 60.

Will keep you posted and would love to see the plane in your web site. I had sent you pix of the Waco some time ago and will send some more.

Ron Jones

Eaton, NY USA

(17th January 2004 - see Ron's comments to follow) Close-ups: Cabin ... .. oil tank.. ... ...

17th of January 2004 (see also above pics) Ron Writes: The Clipper is a few days from running the engine, Hooray. All engine plumbing is complete except the carb air box. Oil tank and filter mounted, Boot cowl is on and interior 95% finished.

We have had the windshield on and it sure has a 30s Monocoupe apperance. Ron



22nd Of February 2004:

You can expand 3 of the 4 pics to see them in a larger format - click inside the red, yellow and green rectangles to see the large pic! Its worth it.....

Not far off from flight!

Ron writes: ....Attached are pix of Fred's plane outside first time and running the engine ....

The engine does seem to turn with great authority and sounds Awsome!! The cowl is only thing left and should be finished in 2 weeks, cannot wait.

Sincerely Ron

Ronald L Jones
2707 English Ave
Eaton, NY 13334

Click on the thumbnail to view full size pictures...

... cowling ready for painting.

Painted .... ... ...

Now flying . . . . (air worthy certificate handed over from Ron to Fred)

8th May 2004 Ron Writes: Hi Jim:

Fred received his airworthiness Certificate May 4, and we flew the plane yesteerday!!

I have only heard the engine from inside so it was a real treat to hear it running as Fred flew the plane. ...

Pix 39 (See above) is myself on the left (with glasses) giving Fred his Certificate. ...

Ron Jones (Eaton Aviation Co)

Finishing Touches ...

It now has pants! Fitting >> finished! >> .. ALL DONE ... NOW FOR SOME SERIOUS FLYING FUN