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Jim Booth's BA14 Project:

You may well ask what is a BA14. I did a search around the web and nothing seemed to fit - it certainly wasn't "Blue Angles 14"!

Jim set me straight:

"....You know that I own and fly a Faust (the original builder of the experimental) PA12. It is the one that currently is on amphib floats. I also own and fly a certificated 4 place Cub called a Piper PA14.

I am now building another new plane which is a combination of both designs. It is an Experimental homebuilt which I have called a BA14 (Booth Aircraft 14). It is this new plane which will be powered by the Rotec. It will be basically a 4 place Cub with side by side seating just like the PA14. It will have the Fairchild landing gear and /or the floats when completed.

You might ask why bother building one when I already have one of each. Well, I've always wanted to build my own and now is the time to do that. Besides, the R3600 is now available."

So it was that that the project began taking shape.

The first step involved Rotec in a design of an engine mount for the R3600 to fit to the BA14. It was basically a mount very similar to one that would be used for a Piper Cub .... the engine and mount were shipped off to Jim.

Engine arrives and a trial mount on the existing Cub:

8th May 2006 Jim writes: The engine mount is very nice. Please send my appreciation to the builders of it. They did an excellent job. It bolted up just like it was supposed to. The accessories mounted just fine without interference. The swing out feature works well. This of course is a temporary placement since this is my PA14 that is FAA certificated. It is temporarily engine deficient because the engine is undergoing a major overhaul.

(as usual click on the thumbnail to expand the picture...)

Trial Mount side on view . Trial Mount Front-On. Trial Mount Close Up front-on. . Cockpit view - trial mount

It would be great to leave it on there to test fly but of course the FAA and paperwork would make it near impossible. However, Its location, angulation, and measurements are helpful at this point. It also gives inspiration to keep working on the new BA14 of course.

My pile of completed parts is growing so that is a good sign.

The BA14 will look very very similar and the floats will be transferred to the BA14 at some point. Best wishes, Jim Booth

This is going to be one exciting project and we'll be looking forward to the updates...