Kitfox V TD
(Jim Cantrell)

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.... Jim Cantrell's Kitfox V Takes to the Skies:

Kitfox 5  doing touch and go..KF V takes off .Jim banks hopmeward bound .KF 5 Landing.

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..... Now Read about the project:

Jim Cantrell's Kitfox V Project :

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Jim Cantrell's KF 5 gets a Rotec Radial

Great colour scheme - KF 5 gets a R2800


15th March 2007 Jim Writes: Hello Jim,

I hope you received the pictures and can use them.

After selling my RV6A in October 2004 I decided I needed another airplane & I found an ad in Barnstormers for a complete Kitfox 5 TD kit with a Subaru EA-81 engine. The kit was about 30% finished with most of the work was on the fuselage. I chose the Rotec R2800 after reading the article in Sport Aviation about Brian Hennerman’s blue Kitfox IV.

Getting close to first run on engine and hope to be flying in the next two months.

I will send you more picture as things progress.

Thanks - Jim Cantrell

Kitfox V gets wings and a cowl. . Jimmy next to his R2800 powered Kitfox V . Cocpit and Instrumentation . Jimmy's Work Area. .and now pants .a closer look at Jimmy's great work

31st May 2007 - Waiting on a 3 blade prop and wheel then ground testing will begin...

Nearing Completion . When prop arrives ground testing will start

Aug 2007 - 1st Engine Start

Fisr Engine Start

10-10-2007 My Kitfox 5 TD left mother earth for the first time 10-05-07, right out of the box with no problems.....Jim Cantrell

Looking Great!