EAA Bipe
(Jim Teel)

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Jim Teel's EAA Biplane Project (1st of its kind):Home page or EAA Bipe and rotecradial

A Superb biplane that deserves a radial!

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1st Dec 2006. Work in progress ... Ready to take the R2800 ...

29th Dec 2006: Mounting Frame is completed ... 'About ready to mount the R2800 ...

2nd Dec 2007: Cowling copleted . Ready for painting ...EAA Bipe's Cowling . EAA Bipe ready for paint job. ...

2nd January 2008: Instrument Panel ... Instument panel

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19th April 2008 Jim Teel Writes:

Hello Jim

Well, we are finally ready to do our test flight.

We have screwed in our last sheet metal screw, tightened our last nut, computed a new weight and balance, recived the FAA's blessing. Nothing more to do except go flying !

So tomorrow morning it is.

I'll let you know how it goes.


EAA Bipe Finished

Trandormation of EAA Bipe

Sensation work by Jim Teel