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Avro 504 Historical Information By John Gaertner, Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC

The Avro 504 is one of the most significant early aircraft designs ever produced. Used operationally from late 1913 until the very early days of WW II, the Avro 504 could be found the world over. Designed originally to be a trainer for the RFC in 1913-14 it became the standard military trainer for the RFC/RAF until the late 1920's, only to be replaced by the De Havilland Tiger Moth. The 504 established the World standard for pilot training, utilizing the tandem cockpit layout and Gosport speaking tube between instructor and student.

Following the end of WW I thousands of surplus Avro 504's were sent out to the four corners of the World as Imperial Gifts from the United Kingdom. Recipient countries included: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and S. Africa. Additional aircraft were sold in large numbers to, Argentina, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, Norway and Sweden, to name just a few. The hundreds of 504's were used to train thousands of civilian and military pilots throughout the world. Hundreds of individuals purchased surplus 504's for their personal aircraft including the likes of Roscoe Turner and Sir Alan Cobham.

Probably the most important feature of the Avro 504 in all its different variants was its remarkable ease of flying. Docile, yet sturdy and fully aerobatic, the 504 was able to prepare so many pilots for more advanced aircraft. The sales of hundreds of surplus 504's to individuals and commercial firms who utilized them for safe, cost effect trainers and joy riders introduced tens of thousands of people to the joy of flying in the inter war years of 1918-39. The Avro 504 is a remarkable design that changed aviation forever!


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John Took delivery of his R3600 at Osh 2008!

Getting all the parts together bfore staring. All these are manufactured by Blue Swallow Aircraft.

Foot Pad 4 Rudder Bar . Fuselage Fittings . Fuselage Fittings. Turnbuckles .Trailing Edge .

as usual please click on thumbs to enlarge to full size pic ....

Work commenced on some of the smaller parts.

Avro Rudder .Avro Seat .Tail Surface

Everything is now in place for some serious construction work.

Looking forward to seeing progress pictures!