Hatz Classic
(John Kerr)

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Ready For Take Off. Flying . Flying

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Flying . Flying ..Flying.


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John Kerr's Hatz Classic Project:

In April of 2006 John contemplates the use of Rotec's R3600 on a Hatz Classic.

By Osh 2006 John had satisfied himself on a number of technical issues and at Osh 2006 placed a deposit on a Rotec R3600.

By August of 2007 the Fuselage was completed. Work on the mounting frame was done by Jeff Shoemake with a R3600 on loan.

The next step was the oil tank. Working with Rotec and going through several design possibilities the oil tank design was completed in December of 2007.

John took delivery of his R3600 in January of 2008 and did a trial mount to check the oil tank fit and the mount. All looked well.


Mount and Fuselage: Hatz Classic Fuse & Mount . Mount - viewd from top . Up close onto mount plate .........

Oil Tank design: Oil Tank - pdf document. ...
................................ (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view in ful size)

Engine arrives - trial mount : Mount checks out! and oil tank fit: Oil tank fit also checks out....

John Writes (July 08): The cowling from the firewall to the collector ring turned out quite nicely.

The process was to determine a rough shape with cardboard bridging the space from the firewall to collector ring. The shape was then transferred to .025 aluminum which was then held in place with clamps with tie downs, for drilling and installing with clecos. The curved shape was maintained along the leading edge with fluted .025 angle.

The entire cowl is comprised of 3 pieces, top and sides. A 90 degree bend at the joints with piano hinge makes for a very rigid installation supported by the firewall flange and machine screws and camlocks. There is a cooling hole around the exhaust stacks of about 150 square inches (enough, not enough, i don't know).

Cowling: Cowl for RotecRadial . Cowling for Hatz Clasi . Left view . right view

Cowling overall view: Over-all view close up on RotecRadial .Overall view on progress made

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Poly Spray .Overall progress .Fuselage covering
6th October 2008: wing covered - overall progress - fusalage cover

Paint work started . John starts on the paintwork for his Hatz Classic
Early 2009: - Paint work over the X'mas break...

Paint Job Nearing Completion. Wings attached. Turtle deck. Paint job all but done. .Painted tail feathers. Wow! .
17th Feb 2009:
Paint job done & wings attached.

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Observer's gauges . Pilots instrumentation
17th Feb 2009: gauges being installed.

Fished!..Up close on install..Up close on R3600 Install by John Kerr. John ready to fire up R3600 for 1st time . Ignition on... . Wow!
27th Feb 2009: Up close on the Install. Ready for 1st Start!

Completed Hatz . John Kerrr completes his Hatz Classic
April 2009: Ground testing nearing completion.

Ready to fly . ready to fly
May 09 - June 09: After extensive testing and Rotec support on various issues John took to the skies. Waiting for in flight pics.

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