Czech Republic

Pavel Vrkoc, Karel Vidha & Ludek Kluger


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Pavel Vrkoc, Karel Vidha and Ludek Kluger and a first of a kind Flesh-fly project: rotecradial

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Introductions All Round!

Best freinds already! .Intro R2800 to plane .Combination looking good already .

Checking Engine Position for the Mounting Frame and Aesthetics

Positiong the engine.Determining position.Confirmed position.Up close on final position..

Manufacturing the Engine Mounting Frame

Making the mounting frame.Making the mounting frame

Rotec R2800 Mounted to Flesh-fly

Engine mounted. Mount RH view .mount LH view .Engine Mounted!

The Team

The construction team . 2 Team Members

A new and exciting project.

Looking forward to receiving the next batch of pics!