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March 2007: Scamp Poject is completed waiting for final registration before flight...

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Finished just needs registration. . Ground testing phase . Some tweaks during testing . Pilots area!


(space reserved for pictures in flight)

Now read the project history:


Mark Coletti's Scamp:

A brief history on the scamp.

It was designed by Bill Whitney, an aeronautical engineer in Brisbane, for Jeff Hargraves.

Due to personal reasons Jeff was unable to complete the project and I took over the project at about the 75% completed stage.

It was originally designed for a Rotax 582 motor, but being a fully aerobatic biplane the Radial would do it justice, not only for looks but performance. As you can see in the photos it is nearly complete. The next job is to mount the engine. I hope to have it flying within the next two months.

Bill Whitney is of course the same aeronautical engineer who was instrumental in evaluating the R2800's design perameters.

Rotec first saw the Scamp when Jeff displayed the craft at the Caboolture Air Show (Queensland Australia). He had already purchased a R2800 which was also on display but in the tent. If you look carefully you can just make out the engine beyond the blue shirt of an interested spectator...

Even then we knew that the final result would be a hit.

As you can see from the project photos Mark has made great strides towards completion and any day now he'll be in touch telling us that he has taken to the skies...

...........Scamp on display at Caboolture Air Show (Queensland Australia)

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Prepare for paint job... .. boys will be boys.....

Parts: Wing .. .Hinge . . Engine. ...

Coating... .. .. .. .. ..

Engine Mounted .. .. . . . . . ...

Instrumentation .. .. ...


12th December 2004 Mark writes: Hi Jim,

Some more progress photos on the Scamp. It now lives in a hanger up at the Redcliff aerodrome and as you can see from the photos it is nearly ready. Just the elevator trim system, aileron cable and a bit of flash stripe painting to go!

Ran the engine for the first time a few weeks ago and it started without a hitch. All operating parameters seem to be fine. The engine sounds awesome and it runs so smooth. Next will be some more engine runs and some taxing (with a high speed taxi down the runway)!

Will keep you informed on progress, until then enjoy the photos.

Cheers - Mark Coletti

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Look out for further reports...