Baby Great Lakes
(Mark Serbantez)

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Mark Serbantz and his Baby Great Lakes Project:
  Aircraft Type: Homebuilt Bipe

Wingspan: 16 feet 8 inches

4 feet 6 inches

First Flight:1954

Length: 13 feet 9 inches

Empty Weight: 475 pounds

Designed in the mid-1950s as a scaled down version of the Great Lakes 2T-1

Earl Thorp built this Baby Great Lakes over a span of 27 years and flew it only once—on August 12, 1997. He donated it to the Museum in 1999.

Since then Piots who have flown this little Speedster have fallen in love with it.

Mark Serbantez is in the process of building a Baby Great Lakes (similar to the one above) which will be sporting a R2800 on its nose.

Looking forward to regular reports...