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Zenith CH200
(Mick Dye's )

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Mick Dye's Zenair CH200 (1st of its kind) Project: rotecradial and ch200 home page

Mick provides props for Rotec through his company (Australian Performance Propellors Pty Ltd) and will be using his R3600 powered Zenair CH200 for testing the suitability of various new props and as each test is concluded we will endevour to provide resultant pics and numbers.

We are looking forward to seeing this fine aircraft take to the skies. At this stage Mick has mounted the engine and its already looking great ...

CH200 with R3600 just mounted..R3600 side view on CH200 just mounted . R3600 mounted to CH200

Mock up engine to fuse

work on a Cowl . adding blisters . Cowl for R3600

Work on the cowling

Fibreglass cowling laid up. . Fibreglass cowling laid up. . gel coat applied and sanded . gel coat applied and sanded . gel coat applied and sanded

Prop to be used: 3 blade wood laminated 68" diam 82" pitch:

Prop and spinner made.

Paint Job Completed and RotecRadial R3600 mounted

RotecRadial on Mick's CH200 . Zenair CH200 sports a cowl over the RotecRadial . PaintJob on Zenair CH200 & RotecRadial . CH200's bubble cowl over the RotecRadial R3600

Look out for more to come ... This is going to be an exciting aircraft!