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October 2006 - Murphy Manufacturing Press Release:

Renegade Spirit: Radial Engine Option

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada: Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Limited of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, has formally announced the latest in its series of radial-powered airplanes, the Radial Renegade.

The Renegade is Darryl Murphy's first design, and continues to be a favorite among kit-builders, with over 700 examples' sold. The new development, the addition of the 110hp 7-cylinder Rotec 2800 engine, fills a spot in the Murphy lineup for a basic, good-flying, classic-looking machine. "With the radial up front," designer Darryl Murphy said, "you have the lines of the classic biplanes of the Golden Age of aviation; and now you can have the reliability and safety of modern design."

The original Renegade was powered with a much-smaller engine, so the Radial Renegade features beefier construction and a specially-designed motor mount by Golavio for Italian Murphy dealer Gianni Golinelli; additional engineering work was done by Dr.Doron Shalev for a customer in Israel, all under the eye of the Canadian parent. Both open and cowled options are available.

"Customers have always liked the freedom that the handling of the Renegade offers," said Stéphane Marois, Sales Manager at Murphy, "and the classic look of the radial brings an added feeling of nostalgia to a thoroughly-modern airplane. The R-2800 complements the Renegade's lines to perfection." So popular is the new engine, that four are already completed, with more on the way.

Customer demand drove the engineering. As often happens in the kit-aircraft industry, some customers have a preference for an engine that has not yet been tried on a particular design. The radial options for the Murphy Rebel and Murphy Moose (SR-3500) are additional examples of customer demand that resulted in the factory's sanctioning of these powerplants. Rotec has so far been supplying the R-2800 motor mounts. All modification to the original airframe can be done through Murphy Aircraft.

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.
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Customer applications, with videos and high-resolution photos:


Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing. Rebel + R2800 Project:

Sean white assures Rotec that the aircraft will be completed and flying at Osh 2006. This is one great project and we'll be tracking progress closely looking out for contributions by way of photos and text on a regular basis...

3rd July 2006: ... I will get the Rebel to Oshkosh if I have to carry the thing on my back .... I will be working the Murphy booth and yes the plane will be flying. There has been alot of media saying it will be there. ... Sean White.

2nd July 2006: First runs went well she fired right up .... Sean

First Start .. R2800 fires up! .well done to all in the team!.The Team who put it together ...

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See you at Osh 2006!