Murphy's Rebel
(Rotec Powered)

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..Murphy Manufacturing Releases The Rotec Powered Rebel:

Sean white and his students do a magnificent job on the project! Judge for yourself >>>

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Rebel up close

Rebel Over Canadian Skies..Flying in Canadian Skies. Rotec Powered Murphy Rebel Over Canada. Banks Away

R800 Powered Rebel Test Flight . FINISHED PRODUCT  takes off...,Rebel Creates Sensation

One minute after landing. . Sean Deb and Murphy Rebel . UP close on R2800. . Pilots Area

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Rotec Powered Rebel prepares for take-off ,R2800 powered Rebel takes off . R2800 fires up!

Big Moose Mini Moose . .Murphy Moose and R2800 powered Rebel. ...Moose and Mini Moose. . Big Moose Mini Moose

YOU TUBE VIDEO: Murphy Rebel Starts Up Rotec's Flybaby in the air

YOU TUBE VIDEO: Rebel Low Pass Rotec's Flybaby in the air


  Sean White writes: If I had to say anything on the record about the project it would be that the students did an outstanding job and I must also thank my friend and fellow homebuilder Ian Crowe for all of his time that he volunteered to working with the kids. It's not every day that a teacher gets to fly his students project good on them!  

Now Read how this project started:

Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing. Rebel + R2800 Project:

3rd July 2006: Sean White Project Coordinator:

2nd July 2006: First runs went well she fired right up .... Sean

First Start .. R2800 fires up! .well done to all in the team!.The Team who put it together ...

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Its now flying (see above)!