Nicola & Stefano
(Murphy Renegade)

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Nicola de Gobbi and Stefano Kiro from Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy - Murphy Spirit: ROTECRADIAL POWER

Phase 1: The fuselage is shortened then the Rotec Engine mount fitted to the firewall. In the meantime an oil tank was designed and built and the landing gear strengthened....

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Fuse Shortened .Mounting Frame Fitted . Oil tank built .Landing gear stengthened

Phase 2: The engine was mounted and viewed with some excitement in preperation for the Rotec Radial's 1st Start. The excitement cullminates on the RotecRadial's 1st Start!

.RotecRadial Mounted .Viewed with excitement .Ready for 1st Start .Eureka - 1st Start!

Phase 3: Paint job is completed and ground testing about to begin.

Basic Paint work completed . Cowl detailed and done . Aircraft detailed and done . Ready for ground testing

Phase 4: Flying - 1st Flight on the 20th May 2009. Nicola comments included

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Nicola Completes Spirit ."CLEAR" - Ignition on .Taxi .Taxi to run-way .Fly-by with smoke . Fly-by

The engine runs very well.
CHT is the same of an engine as without the cowling (150°/160° C in cruise). At climb and at 3100 RPM CHT rises to 190°/200°C as would be expected at high throttle.
No trim was necessary and the CG is in the middle of the range provided by Murphy MFG.
Note shorter nose, with this cut down it made the plane proportional..
Special thanks first to my wife Daniela and her patience over the 4 year duration of this project. Also working with my friend Gelu and of course Augusto Poggiali for the support Golavio provided through out the build.
Another special thanks goes to all the people at airfield in "Piazzola sul Brenta" and for their assistance on various things.

FlyBy up close .Touch and Go .Up close on the mod to the front.

A Murphy Renegade Spirit modified for a RotecRadial R2800 under guidance of Golavio Engineering (Rotec Agent Italy). Please take a moment to review Golavio Engineering's Page you won't be dissapointed To Golavio Project Page

Great work by Nicola and Stefano!