Full Scale Nieuport 28
(Ray Jarvis)

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Ray Jarvis's Full Scale Nieuport 28 Takes to the Skies - The first R3600 Powered Craft!..

Ignition ..Take off.. Climbs ..Straight and level . more straight and level

Fun stuff . more fun stuff . Up Up and away. .Awesome Low Pass. .Coming in

Looking Forward to Seeing the Videos...

In the meantime read some of the comments and more pics... (click here)

SUPERB! See it at Osh 2006

Built by Robert Baslee's Airdrome Aeroplanes in Holden, MO

Airdrome Aeroplanes are Rotec Agents - to visit their site please (click here)

Ray Jarvis is the first to purchase and start a R3600 Project :

12th Dec 2005: Construction of the Full Scale Nieuport 28 is well under way and I believed at this point in time its either in the air or its any day now... The following pictures were sent to show the early stages of the project. It is hoped that Ray will send us a series of hi res pics (along with some text) to show the current status of the project... we'll be looking out for them!



Dec 22nd 2005: Connections and through to 1st start up ..




29th May: The Full Scale Nieuport 28 is now complete ...


Side view R3600 side view. Filter Block Close up on oil filter block Heating Carb and Cabin Heat Provision Ray Ray's N28

Completed Completed Nieuport28! Proud Owner Ray next to his completed  full scale N28 Cockpit Ray's spot! Looks Great! R3600 powered Nieuport 28 ready to fly


Now Flying!

From: Ray Jarvis [] Sent: Sunday, 4 June 2006 9:04 AM Subject: N 28 First Flight

I just got off the phone from Rob & Harvey.

Rob was able to inform me that Harvey had only just landed from first flight. Both were very impressed with handling and performance and she flies pretty much as was expected. Rob took some video, however it will take a few days to get something up, so sorry bout that.

Test Flight. Test Flight

Me, well I am 110% over the moon with excitement but unfortunately I am currently sitting in my study at my computer, half a world away. So dreams are it for me right now!

At this stage the 28 should be at Gardner and we just need to get some hours on her so that we can take her to OSH.

Regards - Ray Jarvis

19 July 2006 Pilot Comments: Dick Starks

Well.. the weather was threatening AND the winds were high and gusting to about 20 knots BUT.. they were RIGHT DOWN THE RUNWAY so a lot of flying actually did happen.

You know, in the past, Gardner was more of a Graham Lee Nieuport Love-In. Well...

There's a new sheriff in Dodge!!! And his name is Roy (DFAWM) Jarvis.

Ray Jarvin's Airdrome Aeroplanes FULL FRIGGING SCALE Nieuport 28 with it's GREAT BIG ROTEC (R3600) Radial in front stole the whole dang show and then some.

MAN..WHAT A PLANE!! And what incredible flight characteristics. With Harvey Cleveland (Robert Baslee's main-man pilot) flying it, that plane did some real jaw-dropping things!!

I got to fly alongside him in my 20 year-old Nieuport 11. While I was getting hammered by the really bad turbulence, it didn't even faze the 28. It was as steady as a rock and I'm not exaggerating when I say the air was rough!! There were some real wire twangers out there

All I've got to say about that ridiculous letter that appeared in a recent aviation magazine about how "Dangerous" it is to fly replica warbirds is.... Male Bovine Feces bud!!! you know not of what you speak.

Now, having said that, if you're naive enough to think you can fly one of these without a tail-dragger endorsement from a competent CFI, you have no business building one. (OK.. sorry about that but that letter really got me steamed at the writer and the magazine that decided to sensationalize the subject.)

So there, I've had my say. My Nieuport is now 20 years and 6 days old from its first flight and I've got almost 600 fun-filled, pleasurable hours on it. What a gas it has been and I hope to get another 20 years out of it. But that doesn't mean I don't approach EACH and every flight with a profound respect for tail-dragger aircraft. I've done my share of "whifferdales" on the runway on a gusty cross-wind day and you've ALWAYS got to be ready for the unexpected.


Ray Jarvis - Owner comments on 21 July 2006


I have just returned from the “Gathering of Eagles” weekend for WW1 replica aircraft at Gardner, Kansas. Unfortunately strong winds kept all the aircraft grounded on the first day (Friday), however on Saturday we were able to have Harvey fly the Nieuport 28C-1 in to attend. Conditions were still rather inclement, however seasoned test pilot Harvey Cleveland put on a spectacular display which literally bought a speechless crowd to standstill.

As we wheeled her out and did the pre-start checks on the R3600, the crowd went quiet in anticipation and they weren’t disappointed.
By afternoon all other aircraft were grounded due to wind, however the N28 handled this with ease and under the skilled hands of Harvey, a second display was conducted. You could say that she single handily “Stole the Show”!

Fortunately the weather improved on Sunday and I was not only able to “Check out” in her, but also flew the ferry flight home. Complete with helmet, goggles and scarf, this was a most fantastic experience to feel the wind, the wires, the fabric and sound of a bygone era!

Son Matt Helps Ray Prepare . Set to GO!

R3600 power is more than adequate for the N28 and she performs superbly under all conditions. Take-off is less than 100ft with an outstanding rate of climb. I guess this can be expected with this sort of power on a 370Kg’s basic weight bi-plane airframe of 220 sq ft.
I must take this opportunity to thank Rob Baslee and the team of “Airdrome Aeroplanes” for creating such a magnificent aeroplane. I believe there are now a couple more AA builder’s stepping up to the plate and ordering R2800’s for Nieuport 24 model’s as well as a R3600 for a Dr1(Fokker Triplane).

Take off..Climb..Level off.Turn for Home.Homeward boun

I also wish to thank you guys for creating such a superb piece of engineering in the form of the R3600 radial engine that powers my aeroplane. What a magnificent “Round, Mound of Sound” she is.

I am sure if one were to experience the reality of the situation, a few more will purchase these fine engines.

Well done Paul & Matt!


Ray Jarvis (Owner N28) comments to Peter (propective client for a R3600) and Tim Edward who has purchased an engine - 22June2006


I have copied this to Tim Edward of Alberta, Canada as he too is building RS Fokker Dr1 and using Rotec R3600, wise choice and will give you a superb A/ C and performance (not biased).

Both of you may wish to compare notes. Trust this is not a problem.

I feel it is a wise choice to go for the R3600 as your airframes will be almost twice the weight of AA kit Dr1's

It's a little early to quote a fuel consumption accurately as we have only flown low hours and this is mainly local test and a 40 min flight to/from Gardner flyin (for which we were givern special permit). I would be happy to suggest that you can expect in the region of 7 (US) gph or 25-28 litre/hr max for the flying you will do. I have a 15 gal tank in fuse (as per original was 14 gal) and we added a 9 gal tank in centre of upper wing to give range for longer trips (to airshows etc) in Aust as airfields are far more spaced out than in USA/Canada/UK.If doing again, I wouldn't bother with extra tank.

What is capacity in RL Dr1?

Our oil tank is approx 12 qt's / 12 lt's (Rotec state 10 Ltr's) which is totally sufficient as engine consumes no oil, just driblles a little when doing pre-start "de-hydraulicing". The oil tank is vented, however it would seem to be appropriate to run a breather into the intake just to save oil fumes etc.

I bought some extra CHT probes and are mounted to #1, 3, 5, 7 cylinders through a rotary switch, as I was concerned to keep temps stable around the engine inside the cowl. I can suggest that all are with 10 deg C of each other and engine runs way cool. You guys may need to open centre section of cowl to allow adequate cooling as I am unsure whether the "eyes" would allow sufficient air trough to top cylinders, just a thought. Off course your lower cylinders will run way cool.

My engine sits with the carburettor intake just 1 inch forward of firewall (exact scale put it just at the firewall). We then mounted a flanged elbow through and behind firewall to draw air from filter box mounted on airframe inside. The carb heat / mixer is in the base of the filter box. You will see carb heat exhaust duct on pics of LHS of engine and this works perfectly.

Perhaps I can get you a few pics when we take the engine off for shipping in two months time.

Initially I had a 96x64 prop, however this proved to be over pitched and to much chord which added to load the engine and only allowed it to just make base RPM for the torque band. Culver props then produced us a 96x54 which improved the situation, however the same prop was further refined to 90x50m with a thinner cord and this allows the engine to operate nicely inside the torque band. It will acheive 2600 RPM static (cool) and up to about 2750 RPM in the air at which time we can't hold enough forward stick to fly straight and level. We have already adjusted the stabiliser and also are considering "nodding" the engine a few degree's and maybe even add a trim on the elevators to hold her down. This engine gives awesome performance on my 816 lbs/ 370 Kg's (empty) airframe. Infact a R2800 may have been suitable for my Nieuport!

This machine is the most fun I have ever had with my pants on, its awesome!

Look forward to seeing it at OSH as well as article's in "EAA Sport Aviation" and "Kitplanes".

If I can answer any questions any time, please ask as I will be happy to assist.

If you want a spun alloy cowl, let me know as can be supplied from Airdrome Aeroplanes and should be same size as AA full scale Dr1 kit.

Ray Jarvis.


Ray sends a note to Rotec: 25 June 2006


I got to tell you that engine and aeroplane absolutely stole the show at Gardner. I am so impressed as anyone would be. We just got to hope we can get it in Aust for SAAA Wagga.

Regards Ray J

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