Robert Garcia
Nieuport 17

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Robert Garcia's Nieuport 17 Project:

Start with fuse

Best location for remote oil tank established . 1st Mock up

Final shape determined . Detailed Drawing

Click here To download the Tank Drawing as a pdf

Actual Tank Installed .Oil Tank From The Top

Cowling . Cowling for R2800

Up close on Acc's . Instruments and cockpit

... as usual please click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

... as usual please click on the thumbnails to enlarge. (U are at the home of rotecradial
The first available picture was dated 14th March 2006 and shows a basic fuse.

Since then good progress has been made and in early 2007 the R2800 engine was mounted, a cowl constructed and instrumentation added to the pilots area.

Near an a year later work started on designing an appropriate Oil Tank... a couple of mock ups followed and a final design. (Click the thumbnail to view the pic or down load the pdf for printing).

5th Jan 2007 Rob Writes:

Happy New Year Jim,

I hope you had a good holiday season.

The N-17 is coming along, with the engine remounted and I was hoping to get your advise on the oil tank...attached are some pictures of my initial ideas, what do you think? Initially, I wanted to put the tank aft of the firewall, but had difficulty finding room and plumbing through the firewall outweighed any benefit for C.G. that I was looking for...


Rob Garcia Norfolk, VA 23508

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20 March 2007:

Hi Jim,

The oil tank is installed, and my hoses should arrive in the next couple days...meanwhile, I have spent some time rereading the manual and started the wiring plan for my plane...

Cheers, Rob

April 2007 > Firewall forward (left) . Firewall Forward (right) . Pilots area ................

1st June 2007. Moving to hanger for finishing...
ready to move to hanger. . ready to move to hanger. . On the trailer ready to move to hanger. .On the trailer ready to move to hanger.

7th June 2007 Moved To Hanger. Ready for covering ...
Moved to new home . Ready to cover . Ready to cover . N17 and its Rotec R2800

7th January 2009. Work on the Wing, Instrument Panel, Engine mounted and Started ...
Work on the wing .Instrument panel mounted .Engine Mounted and has been started. .Close up

Looking forward to next update ...