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Simon Mears - Modified Fisher Super Kaola Nearing Completion

Finished - ground testing to follow.

YOU TUBE VIDEO: Takes off .


...reserved area for ground testing and final flight...

........ Read about the project and its progress to this point:

Simon Mears - Modified Fisher Super Kaola:

March 2004 Simon writes (after much pestering by me...) Summary of aircraft project:

I started the project in the spring of 2001. It is a modification to the Fisher SUPER Koala. The significant difference is the Taylorcraft airfoil. 2 place side by side, high wing wooden construction. A number of these type have been built locally in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.

I was mentored on the project by a fellow RAA member named Ron Bestward who is responsible for the modifications. Ron gave me a ride in his aircraft on floats and I was sold. Handling was smooth and predictable. Sadly Ron past away in March of 2002.

The wood construction was an affordable alternative for me. Old growth Spruce can still be obtained at a reasonable price.

So I started with the wings which took 2 years to completed along with the tail feathers and last year I completed most of the woodwork of the fuselage leaving some areas open for working access. This year I am designing and fitting of the metal components and control systems.

I hope to have the pre-cover inspection completed this fall.

I chose the Rotec Radial engine because I have always like the Dehavilland Beaver which is still the most popular bush plane in our area. The radial adds a sense of nostalgia and is admired by all who see and hear one in operation. I hope my mini Beaver will one day have floats.

Simon Mears.

... more construction pics... ...... .......... superb work!

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2nd July 2004. Simon Writes: Hello Jim

With this nice summer weather we have been having, I had the chance to fit my wings. A monumental moment for any builder.

I took the opportunity to take some photos. Unfortunately your engine is not yet mounted. But I am heading in the right direction....

Regards Simon

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.. ..

Dec 2005 Update: fabric work, painting engine mounted:

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12th April 2006 Simon Writes: Click on the thumbnails in the body of the text to view full size pictures...


Components ay a glanceI have been plodding on over the winter with the firewall forward aspects of the engine installation. The carb air box design gave me a few sleepless nights, but with the great assistance of a good friend who welds, I now have heat muffs for carb and cabin heat and a carb air box installation which is both light weight and strong.

  Carb & Cabin heat plenum . Carb and Cabin Heat Plenum
Close Up on Carb/Cabin Heat

Overall View of Components

The muff on the right is the cabin heat (short one) and the one on the left is the carb heat  

Oil tank, filter block and heat exchangerI used your oil tank design and made a similar unit. You will note that I have also incorporated the VDO scavenge oil pump system recommended by Paul.

< Left and Right Views showing: Oil Tank, Oil Filter Block Heat exchanger, > ....... . Auxiliary Electric Scavenge Pump

Currently working on the panel.

I have a question with regards the carburetor. On the carb just above the main fuel line is a smaller brass nipple which points up. What is the purpose of this nipple? Should it not have a short length of hose on it to prevent moisture from entering the carb? I'm guessing it is a vent.

Has the new oil specification worked out OK? I am about to purchase oil and I want your latest recommendation.

Has a new Operations Manual been produced which includes all the latest starting precautions with regards to hydraulic lock. I would sure like one as I am soon to hit the starter switch.

Have you become aware of any other issues I should be aware of before starting?



Aux electric oil pump and Heat Exchanger


Rotec Answers: The nipple is for an overflow and a small length of tube should be attached to siphon fuel away...

The oil spec is: Castrol GPS4 SAE 10W-50 and should be available in Canada & the USA. Its a blended hi performance motorcycle oil...

Rotec Requests: Other clients who are about to start their Rotec's to please contact the factory for any up dates.

Email Rotec

12th July 2006 Simon writes: Jim

Here are some photos of my first run. I am still on a high.

Everyone who see this engine remarks on it's beauty. I have commented to
other aircraft owners that this is my Harley-Davidson of the air. Not your every day cookie cutter airplane. So it was interesting to see bikers make the connection also and employ your engine in their machines.



1st Start Up . 1st Start Up . 1st Start Up

1st Start Up . 1st Start Up . 1st Start Up

In detail:

Carb Air Filter..Carb Filter VDO Instruments..VDO Instrumentation Full Dash.. Dash

Warp Drive..Warp Drive Left view.. Ready to start (left) Right view.. Ready to start (right)

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Fisher Suoer Kaola gets a cowl. . Close up side vie (LFT)

Close up from the top. . close up from the oposite side

19th October, 2006 Simon Writes: Hello Jim

It has been awhile and I thought you might like an update. Hope you are all thriving and still enjoying this great adventure.

I have not been totally delinquent over the summer. Since my successful ground testing of the engine in July, the aircraft project slowed with the summer heat and family commitments. But I am back on track and have just completed the "boot" cowl. I have decided to leave off a ring cowl for now as I really want the engine to be visible and provide the 1920's/30's nostalgia.
So here are a few photos of my work.

The cowl is attached at the rear with a welded aluminum transition piece screwed to the airframe. At the front I have a circular aluminum strap just in behind the exhaust collector. The strap is supported by legs fixed to the engine mount by plastic clamping blocks. This set-up allows the engine to move on its rubber mounts without effecting the fixed cowl. The cowl itself is a 3 piece affair. 2 sides and a top. These are held to the aforementioned pieces by 23 Dzus type fasteners. The finish is my own attempt a burnishing. At the top I have an oil tank access door.

I am moving the aircraft to a local airport shortly for final assembly. Stay tuned. - Simon Mears

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Ready for detailing and testing
Ready for detailing ...

Fuse on the move .move to airport for final finishig . The wings ready to transport to local airport.
Move to airport ...

Friday, 12 January 2007 Simon Writes: Jim

Happy New Year to you and yours. May you have continued success in 2007.

Thanks for putting up the October photos. Since then I have moved the aircraft to our local airport and begun final assembly. Wings are on and being rigged. Numerous details to complete so I don't expect to be ready for my final inspection before the spring. We are being thrashed this winter by Mother Nature this winter. 14 inches (36 cm) of snow yesterday and now the wind is howling and the temperature is dropping. Real nasty.

I have included some more photos of the move and one of the partially assembled aircraft.

Regards - Simon.

Great Work... look out for more to come.