Hatz Bantam
by Skip Honsperger

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Skip Honsperger and his Rotec R2800 powered Hatz Bantam - 1st of its kind:

Skip has stolen the march on everyone on starting this great project.

Without a shadow of doubt this combination is going to capture the imagination and create a sensation!

Well done Skip for being the first!

Feb 2009: Skip is well on the way to finishing the fuselage. Here it is in the snow:

fuselage under construction

as usual please click on thumbnail to enlarge the pic ...

To follow shortly the design for an R2800 to Bantam engine mount. Rotec and skip are exchanging data to get this jib done. Once completed Rotec will post up the design for others undertaking a Bantam project.

Exciting new project! Looking forward to more reports!