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rotecradial Tim Gallagher's Pober Junior Ace Takes to the Skies (21st June 2008):.

Tim Writes:

  FAA inspection went without a hitch yesterday.

Today, I changed the overhaul/taxi test oil – then flew her at 7:00PM .

Very nice flight. The ailerons were a little sloppy – the engine performed beautifully .

Checked low and medium speed flight, shallow turns, climb and glides.

I ran by the support group twice for photo runs at 100’, last approach to a landing.

Nice landing – small cheering crowd to meet plane and grinning pilot.

Video to follow. I need to get some rest!

Magnificent front on

Ready for flight!

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RotecRadial powers Pober Jr Ace . Magnificent Pober Jr Ace .A credit to Tim Galligher .Homeward bound!

Absolutely Superb!

New Video: Taxi > Take-off > fly by > shut down > re-sart

Tim taxix toward the tent.Tim's Osh08 Experience:

< -- Tim Taxis into Osh08 towards Paul Poberezny’s ‘Aeroplane Factory’ Tent.

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Tim with his Dad and Paul Poberezny’s

Arrival at Osh!

Parked in the tent

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Preparing to leave

Osh08 from the air

Tim Gallagher .....
Sent: Wednesday, 6 August 2008 ....
'rotec factory'
Subject: RE: Oshkosh 2008

Hello Paul,

I hope you made it back home in one piece.

The ‘08 Oshkosh experience was mind boggling for me. I did not expect all of the attention that the Junior Ace received.

The people that came by thought that the airframe, engine, and wheel combination were perfect.
We made it through two rounds of judging – which meant that we were in contention for an award. The fact that the ship was still a bit rough made me feel that we did not deserve an award at this time (we did not win anything). It sure is nice to know that with a little time and tweaking, she will be an award winner.

An editor for Sport Aviation magazine interviewed me extensively. They also invited me on a photo shoot.

I believe my wife came over to tell you about the departure time. The battery in the Ace is five years old, and with all of the cranking we did during the ignition woes, she has become a bit weak. The ship sat in the tent for six days. At Oshkosh – in front of a few hundred people – the engine would not turn over. How embarrassing! The EAA safety volunteer propped us, and we were on our way! The crowd then cheered. We departed on 36, and made an air show break at midfield. Big fun!

The Acro Sport folks sold a lot of plans, and said my Ace was a shot in the arm for them. I hope the interest helps your sales as well. I had nothing but positive things to say about the engine and your support to all the folks who inquired about a Rotec product.

Tim G.

In a subsequent email on the 12th August 2008 Tim writes:

Hello Jim and Paul,

Oshkosh 2008 was a blur for me! The attention generated by the Junior Ace was way beyond my imagination. Seven different people helped to fly off the 40 hour FAA test period in the three weeks prior to Airventure 2008. They all said the plane flew wonderfully and the R2800 was flawless. There are still some finish details to work on – she should be ready for a proper inspection at Oshkosh next year.

Sport Aviation interviewed me while at Oshkosh. They also invited me to a photo shoot - another unexpected surprise. We briefed Saturday morning, to fly in the afternoon at Waupaca, Wisconsin. We were all set to go. My five year old battery, however, was not. I had to get propped at Oshkosh in front of one hundred spectators. I will have a new battery next year!

Enclosed are some pictures of my experience – enjoy!

Tim G

.......Now Please read about the project and how it all came about:

Tim Gallagher's - Pober Jr. Ace Project.

We at Rotec are excited to see Tim prepared to share the building experience with all of us; as the Pober Junior Ace + R2800 should prove to be an ideal and exciting combination.

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14th July 2004: framework ... ... ...............

-----Original Message-----
From: timotgallagher [mailto:timotgallagher@insightbb.com]
Sent: Thursday, 9 December 2004 3:59 PM
To: Chernikeeff, Jim
Subject: R2800 Arrives!!

Hello Jim!

My beautiful new engine arrived today. What a glorious sight. The customs process was very smooth. The folks at UTI were very helpful, and answered all of my questions. I have looked at all of the parts in the shipping crate, and I am very impressed.

Some of my neighbors have already been by to see the engine. I live on a very active airpark, and good news like this spreads quickly. They are anxious to see the engine run.
I will update you on my progress and add some more pictures for your website.

My best to all! - Tim G.

4th Feb 2005 Update:

. . . .

2nd March Update:

Hello Jim,

I am building up the engine mount for my Junior Ace. The next step is a propeller and an oil tank. I have a mock up made for the tank. ...The Junior Ace looks great with the R2800 hanging out front on its own!

Regards, Tim G.


< R2800 Mounted >

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3rd May 2005 Update:

Hello Jim,

My R2800 lives and breathes!

All of the wires and hoses are finally installed. I cranked her up on April 23. It was a beautiful sight. She lit right up, and idled smoothly. After warming up, I ran her up a bit and then calibrated my tachometer. Boy did it get windy! I can't wait to tear everything apart again and start the covering process....

All of my friends and neighbors keep commenting on how beautiful the engine looks, and how great it sounds! - Best to all, Tim G.

R2800 Starts Up... . .

Osh 2007 - Tim brings progress pictures - covering the fuselage is completed and the wing is done... with steady progress this winter the job should be compteded for flight next spring or summer...

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A good indication that all is as it should be. .. Fabric covering.. UV Protection. .. Primed ready for paint job

Paint work .. Progress viewed front on .. Looks fantastic! . .Another view .Up close on the R2800

Now to finisj=h the wing

December 2007 - Tim writes: Hello Jim,

We put the wings on the Junior Ace yesterday, and the cockpit is nearing completion.

I found some clunky old cowl latches from a 1941 Taylorcraft that will fit my accessory cowling beautifully.

I am thinking about using your scavenge oil recovery pump system. Can you tell me everything you know about it?

Happy Holidays - Tim G.

Overall View with  wing and cowl installed. . Side view with wing installed . Instuments in cockpit . Boot cowl with latches.
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Pober Jr Ace is Looking Great!