Czech Republic

Vladimir Handlik
(Murphy Renegade)

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Vladimir Handlík (and Son Petr) 80% Caudron GIII (1913, France):ROTECRADIAL POWER

Petr writes:

My name is Petr Handlík , I live in the Czech Republic and I´am a pilot and team member of Foundation Metodej Vlach´s Aircraft .

Our Foundation collects, and rebuilds if necessary, to keep these Ultralight replicas of historical Airplanes flying - see opposite

We are thinking now about our next project ( should be Caudron G III ) and we are impressed a lot with your engine R 2800. The original Aircraft was flown by Jean Babtist Salis in Cerny - La Ferte Alee

My father won the World Championships with a Radio controlled scale model in 1994. -Photos attached


Background on:

Foundation Metodej Vlach´s Aircraft:

The foundation has rebuilt over 7 different craft from bygone years when radial power was the norm rather than the exception. These sensational planes include: Arena (Aeronca), Grade, Nieuport 12, Piper L4H, Racek PB-6, Sopwith Pup, Metodej Vlach and now coming up is the 80% Caudron GIII... (some of which are illustrated opposite)

World Champ!Rotec are looking forward to working with Vladimir and Petr on the up an coming project. To start the ball rolling please click on thumbnail (left) to expand the pic of the Vladimir's Word Champion Award winning Caudron GIII RC model.