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3/4 Scale Fokker DR1
(Wayne Holden)

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...Wayne Holden's 75% Scale Fokker DR1 Completed - getting ready for ground testing...

Wayne's Dr1 completed - high WOW! Factor. . WOW!  Up lose .

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(reserved space for ground testing and flight reports...)


...Now read on how this project developed to this point ....

Wayne Holden's 3/4 Scale Fokker DR1 Project:

(Kit By: Airdrome Aeroplanes - 929 NW Road 1571 - Holden - MO 64040 USA - ph 816-230-8585 Email:

When presented with the possibility of a First of its kind fit between a ¾ scale Fokker DR1 and a Rotec R2800 Radial there was a fair degree of excitement generated, and the level grew on seeing the award winning work that Wayne had been involved with in the past.

The two examples a Hawker Hurricane and a Jüngster Biplane (see left) speak for themselves; it was therefore no surprise to see the quality of the DR1 that Wayne has built.

Fokker DR1 is ready for the Rotec R2800Having recently taken delivery of an engine we will be looking for frequent up dates as the project moves forward...

(as always click on the thumbnails with blue boarders to enlarge the picture).


Work in progress Dec 06 - Jan 07: (as always click on the thumbnails with blue boarders to enlarge the picture).

Build a cowl and check the fit ... Chec cowl. ...

Prepare to build the frame Jig to build mounting frame construct a jig for positioning.

Build the frame and check fit to fuse...Frame built check agains fuse .Front on to fuse. & to engine mount plate Frame checks out to mount plate Done. Ready to attach to fuse

Move to fuselage and attach. Attached to fuse. .

All done - Great result! Mounted Side View. . Front on view of R2800 mounted to Wayne's DR1 . Close up 3/4 viw R2800 on Wayne's DR1 ...

6th June 2007: Oil tank made from fibreglass. Work on the cockpit (and guns). Engine mounted...

Fibreglass Oil Tank construction . Strictly fun area . Taking Shape