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..The Weller Sprint is now completed! Take a look at the finished product: rotecRadial

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17th Feb 2006: The "Sprint" is finally certified to be equipped with a Rotec R 2800 engine in Germany!
So your engine (R2800) is the first radial engine being certified on an ultralight in Germany!
You may find the new type certificate (Kennblatt) on our homepage (

New Projects - Pics added Feb 2009.

Achim's Sprint . Achim Fuelling up.

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Latest addition to Sprint Family . Rotec powered Sprint . Magnificent Radial Powered Sprint

.. Now read about the entire project:

Roman Weller's - Weller Sprint.

Roman Weller of Weller Flugzeugbau has always wanted a Radial for His Sprint, as the planes's structure cries out for a radial powerplant. The R2800 came along at an oprtune time to satisfy his passion.

Though progess has been slow the results are nothing short of stunning.

For more information about Roman's Sprint please Visit:

Or if you wish to make contact:

Phone +49 (0791) 56732 Fax +49 (0791) 56733
Address: Weller Flugzeugbau - Biberstrasse 8/1 - D-74523 Schwaebisch-Hall-Bibersfeld Germany

March 2004 Roman Communicates: ...thanks for your quick response in questions of locating the oil tank for the R2800.

We integrated the engine now into our plane, the "Sprint" and took some photos thereof. Please feel free to use them in a way you want to do.

Hopefully we get the plane in the air in May or June this year. We are going to certify the "Sprint" with the Rotec-engine according to the German certification rules for ultralight aircraft (LTF-UL 2003).

Regrads from Schwaebisch Hall. Achim

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progress... ... ... ... ... ...

Fisrt Public showing: 30 March 2004: Hi Jim,

Last weekend we presented the plane-shell at a fair at the local airport in Schwaebisch-Hall.
Many people took a look and have been fascinated from the perfectly fitting radial-engine to the Sprint's appearance....


... ... more to come!

19th April 2005:

Eureka! I'm reporting on the first ever flight of the Rotec R 2800 radial-engine in Germany!!

Last week we received the preliminary certification of competanct from our German authorities and at the weekend we flew our “Sprint” for the
first time in a three hour flight with the R 2800.

Enclosed you'll find some pictures of the plane's first flight.


Best regards, Achim


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Great Work! Great Plane! Great Result!