Siebel Hummel
Wolfgang Knobloch)

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Wolfgang Knobloch Siebel Hummel S202C Project (1st of its kind):

rotecradial The Hummel S202C was designed in 1938 as a multi purpose light airplane for use in the private aviation; though originally powered by a 4 cylinder Zuendapp the design and archive material do include mention of suitability for the use of a radial powerplant.

This particular craft has been rebuilt from original plans and photos. A superb plane that deserves a radial (its going to be the Rotec R2800) and we'll be looking forward to seeing the conversion/change in character. I'll predict that it will be nothing short of dramatic. We are looking forward to progress as it occurs.

Having received the Rotec R2800 early 2007 by August 2007 Woolgang moved to larger premises & had the engine trial mounted.

As usual click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pic ...

. Ouitgrown the existing "factory" . Moving to larger workshop.. Once in the new workshop a trial mount. . Another view of the trial mount.

Superb work on this historic aircraft!

I'm running way behind on updates and apologies to Wolfgang and all those that follow the various projects as they evolve.