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Brian Henneman's Project - Kitfox - Rotec R2800 Combination.

Great New Pics... ... >(download 1280x960 Zip 202KB)

Comment (26th June 2002): I did a static thrust test this past weekend and it will pull 480 lbs. Very impressive. More later.

Comment (11th June 2002): Just wanted to let you know I received my new prop a 76"dia. X 55" pitch and the performance really increased. The climb is still about 1500'/min. and the top speed is 130 mph. I can still exceed the red line up to about 3700 rpm. I have been cruising it at 3400 rpm and I am indication 110 -115 mph. I could use about another 5" of pitch to have a really good cruise prop but I will keep this one for demos.

The Kitfox Project:

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instrumentation....Finishing.. ..


Kitfox Takes Off ......up up.. ..and away,,..


More great shots ... ....

...Brian's comment: "The engine purrrrrrrs" ... more to come so look for the updates...

More Quotes:

25/03/2002: "The temps are very low and the airplane really performs well. 200' take off and over 1500' per min climb and that is with out really trying. CHT runs about 250F. Oil temp was very low around 140F and I do not have an oil cooler on it. ( I took you advice)."

25/03/2002:"In case you haven't read the other mail I sent yet the Kitfox flew this weekend. The engine is very powerful and will make a Great Demo plane. The engine purrrrrrrs."

30/03/2002:"Harry Leopold delivered the prototype engine yesterday. I ran my engine for him and just like me, the first time to hear the engine, he was grinning from ear to ear. I have installed all of the parts on his engine and it is on the stand ready to go. I like your new oil filter, pressure relief valve machining it is much cleaner looking!!! I may have to upgrade in the future on the Superfox."

28/04/2002:"Yes, I am trying to get as much flying time as possible, as long as the weather will cooperate. As you know it is spring here and this year we had a mild winter but we are having a very wet spring. I got in a couple of hour flying this weekend so far and I took Steve up in it with me. With the prop I have on it, it is really a climbing machine. I can peg the VSI at 2000' / min. and that is really going up for a little airplane. I am going to order another prop that is a 76 dia X 52 pitch. I should be able to cruise at 100 mph at 3000 engine RPM. I will keep you posted on the testing flying but so far other than of oil in the distributor caps things are going good. I plan to use the climb prop at Oshkosh because all of the exhibitor flying is close in and the climb performance will really be impressive."

30/04/2002:"I am going to order another prop this time a 76 dia X 55 pitch! That should give me a 100mph cruise at 3000 RPM."

01/05/2002:"I had Steve fly the plane tonight and it was the first time I got to hear it from outside. It really sounds good! In the air it has a different sound than on the ground. Coming at you, you can't hardly hear it, but once it goes by it has a sound all its own. Really NEAT!!!"