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CIRCA Reproductions Appointed as an Agent For Rotec:

We are privileged in having worked with the late Graham Lee's expertise in the field of Nieuports, Sopwiths and and other early reproductions associated with Rotec. Under the guidance of Graham's son Mike the business continues.

There are none better when it comes to understanding the vagaries associated with Sopwiths, Nieuports or and other early reproductions. If you're looking for such a kit + R2800 package CIRCA will accommodate to all your needs.

CIRCA are willing to provide a builders assist program, and hand build any of Graham’s existing designs (or even a few that are still on Graham’s drawing board). In short CIRCA is prepared to tend to clients on an individualized basis.

For more information on CIRCA's quality services visit their Web Site at :


Goto: Jeff Pederson's
Nieport 12

Goto: James Reynolds

Goto: Shawn Disney's
Nieuport 12 Projec

Goto: Candice Uhlir's Nieuport 17 Project

Goto: Rick Giles
Nieuport 12 Projec


Graham Lee's Designed CIRCA R2800 series featuring:

... each meticulously designed ... 1st in the fleet: 7/8 Scale Nieuport 12 ...

.. .all Aluminium framed ... 2nd in the Fleet the 7/8 Scale Nieuport 17 ...

truss joints fish mouthed ... the 3rd in the Fleet a 7/8 Scale Baby Sopwith..

...the final in the Fleet, but by no means least, the 7/8 Scale Sopwith Pup!

Designed for the discerning builder - pilot!
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Circa Reproductions Inc.
1984 - 2004 (20th anniversary)

Rotec is delighted to be associated with a company that's got 20 years of experience behind it building fine aircraft using techniques pioneered and perfected by the late Graham Lee.

20 years ago when construction techniques involved aluminium tube held together by bolts. Graham Lee pioneered the technique of fish mouthing the truss joints to properly transfer loads. The construction and joints, to everyone's surprise, were held together by pull rivets and very light gussets.

Graham realised that the use of this technique provided an opening to a host of different designs that could be quickly and easily built up with very simple hand tools.

Graham came to quickly realise that taking care in the proper Pilot placement these super light weight and super strong frames could be used to replicate the Fighters of the WW1 era. Calculations quickly showed that indeed these craft could be powered by ultralight engines!

Graham wisely chose the Nieuport as it had a slightly swept wing. This would allow flexibility In the weight and balance envelope without spoiling the Authentic appearance of the replica.

The Nieuport 11 prototype with Registration letters C-IRCA, was designed built and flown in the spring and summer of 1984. Some 20 years later, 100's of examples of this design are flying In over 15 countries around the world. Graham's has popularised the aluminium tube/ gusset riveted construction technique with his Nieuport and other designs, that many others now also use.

The advent of Rotec's R2800 Radial provided a further step towards greater authenticity; so it was that the two companies came together, one complimenting the other.

Graham's skills are not solely restricted to airframe construction as he has developed a knack of building authentic props for Nieuport's, Fokker's and Sopwith's, that extract every last ounce from the already efficient Rotec's R2800 Radial.

If you are a lover of WW1 Aircraft CIRCA will tend to your needs and provide complete design packages including the supply of the R2800 along with props to suit.


Now 20 years down the track look out for for the new
project that's close to announcement!

Wes Jones Project - Sopwith Pup (Full Scale):

Its Early days but from these humble beginnings Wes plans to have the Pup ready for Oshkosh 2005 ...

.....Beginnings..rudder ... ..horizantal stabaliser ..

Wes writes .... I am not considering any other engine than the Rotec because no other engine that is produced today meets all the requirements of the Rotec. It is going to take the WW1 market by a storm.

I am building my Sopwith to full scale because there is no other way to make it look right because it was so small to start with. Fuse was 24" wide and 30" high. Also the wingspan was only 26.5 feet. I figure the 220 lbs. that the engine weighs will give me enough weight up front to make the weight and balance right also. Will be able to keep the stubby nose look.Wes Jones

If you would like to contact Wes here are his details:

Wes Jones - 16067 London Rd. - Orient, Ohio 43146 phone: 740-869-4313

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Jeff Pederson's Nieuport 12

...... Beautiful construction .... ... ... will end up as a superb example of a Nieuport 12.

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James Reynolds Nieuport 12:

.....Some Construction pics ...

.. ..

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