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Luscombe Model 4
First of its type.

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Don Warner's Luscombe Project.home of Luscombe and RotecRadial

Don Writes: .. I have been involved with Luscombe aircraft for almost 30 years. I am a director of the Luscombe Foundation and have built three award winning Luscombes.

I would like to build a fourth project to replicate the Luscombe model 4. A 1938 model powered by a Warner 90h.p. radial engine.

Your engine may be the answer to complete this project. It is near perfectly matched in size, weight and horsepower. Preliminary measurements indicate that it should fit within the original cowling length and diameter.

... I thought you might like to see what I am trying to replicate

The picture is the sole surviving 1937 Luscombe "90" model 4. It is powered by a Warner 90h.p. Scarab Jr. engine.

Only 6 were built. They sold for $3,995 (1937 dollars ) which was quite expensive, not much of a market in those days.

This airplane is currently owned by Ron Price. It is complete but un-restored. Ron hopes to restore it to museum quality for preservation.

Empty weight 1,103 lbs Gross Weight 1,650 lbs.
VMX 135 mph VCR 120 mph
VS 45 mph IRC 850 fpm
Span 32'1" Length 20'11"

Regards - Don

Don's Luscombe Project: +rotecradial

Project starts in earnest January 2005:

Hi Jim

My engine arrived today !!!!

I would like to start out with saying that UTi handled this delivery superbly ! After the engine entered their system they called me each day to give me an updated progress report. Their receiving, customer and delivery people handled everything perfectly.

I couldn't wait to open the boxes to see my new engine. The excitement was shared by my wife Donna and my crew at the shop, Brandon and Garry, who will be assisting me on this exciting model 4 replica project.

We all agree the engine is very exciting, looks great, with outstanding craftsmanship, great accessories, a terrific engine mount and a beautifully crafted propeller.

My motivation to step up the progress on this project has been moved to higher priority!

Thank you all for a great job. I will certainly have many more questions as I progress, and look forward to your continued support. There are some pictures of the arrived equipment inspection/inventory attached.

Sincerely, Don


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... packaging

... 5 point Luscombe mounting frame

... the prop with the engine in the background

... the engine partly unpacked

... Don and his R2800!

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Overall view of mock firewall . Forward Planning .Close up on R2800's Oil Filter Block . clearly shows the oil tank's location

Close up showing air baffles

Sent: Tuesday, 27 February 2007 9:41 AM

Hi Jim and Paul

I have the engine mounted to a wooden mock-up firewall for electrical, oil, fuel and air locations. I am expecting my new firewall production within two weeks. It is steel, 4130, .028, 34" dia. and spun on a die with a 1"lip for riveting.

... I plan to use flare tube fittings on oil line hoses, so I am replacing the tube fittings as needed. ...I am sending you a couple pictures of the mock - up ...

Best regards


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September 2007: work on the fuselage

Work on the Luscombe fuselage starts. . Progress on Luscombe fuselage . Fuselage progress made . Fuselage nearing completion .

including cockpit gauge layout

Planned Instrument layout .Instruments in place.

and firewall layout

Checking the 5 point mount on firewall . Placing components on firewall . Aft view shows oiltank

December 2007: Trial engine mount

R2800 on front of Luscombe . Up close on the mount

Boot cowling and showing flow through ventilation - the final cowl will cover the engine completely as in the original.

R2800 removed and cowling completed. . Flow through ventilation

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March 2008: Carburetor heat muff design. There are two of them because of their small size. They are 6" long and 4" in diameter.

6" long and 4" diameter x 2 , Each muff fits around exhaust. .Daffle directs air appropriately, Shows path of airflow. How it fits together.How it fits .

April 2009: Cowling done.

various views of cowl. . various views of cowl. .various views of cowl. . various views of cowl. .various views of cowl.

Great pics showing attention to detail and planning strategy...

Looking forward to further progress reports and more pics.