Kit Fox IV
(Joe Meyeres)

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......All Done! Flight Next: rotecradial home of Joe's Kitfox 4 with Rotec R2800 radia lpower.

Joe Meyeres completes his Kitfox IV - just registration to go. Magnificent work and great paint job!

Joe and his magnificently finished Kitfox 4 ..Great Paint Job by Joe. .. Side on ..up close onto the R2800

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Joes Kit Fox takes to the skies. . Coming in to land. Great fun over Kansas.

Video - Touch 'n Go Flight Video .Landing at Dusk 19th Dec 08 Take off As seen from the cockpit Steep Turn As seen from the cockpit more to come

More great in-flight pics...

Rotec view from cockpit . Kitfox 4 in flight. Coming in at dusk. Landing at dusk

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March 2009 Joe Writes: Got about 20 hours on the R2800 now. Finally starting to get some good weather for flying. Running and sounding great. Shot a few more pictures I thought you might be intrested in. Cheers. Joe

Kitfox 4 in flight . Joe's KF4 , Joes KF4 and RotecRadial

What Great Pics!

rotecradial & rotecradials


Some great stats and comments from Joe Nove 2008:

Hi Paul,

Got some info for you. We flew the other night and again yesterday.

  • Looks like we are getting about 3200 RPM on takeoff. (Airplane just jumps off the ground before you can even get the throttle all the way open on about a 5 count!)
  • Climb out RPM is slightly higher than that with 1200 feet per minute at 60 MPH.
  • Cruise at 3000 RPM shows about 105 to 110 MPH. At 2650 we show about 90 MPH.
  • Oil pressure is 55 to 60 PSI and temp is running at cruise about 145 to 160 degrees F depending on power settings and OAT. Seems to take forever to get oil temp established on the ground. Obviously the cooler the outside temps are, the longer it takes.
  • This engine indication seems to run really cool. I am going to get my infrared temp sensor from work next time we fly and spot check the oil tank. As you probably know, my tank is tapped at the outlet. By the time the oil gets ready to go back into the engine it will be at the coolest. Is that where you recommend taking the oil temp or should it be at the manifold where the oil filter is located?

  • You asked about the prop. It is a wooden, climb pitched Sterba prop. Don't know the pitch angle.
  • The flying we have done so far has been mostly under an hour in duration, so I don't have a feel yet on the fuel burn.
  • Airplane now has 4.5 hours on it and I could not be happier with the engine. Sounds good! Looks good! Performs good!



Read about the project and how it came about:

Joe Meyeres Kitfox IV Project:

Monday, 20 June 2005 Joe writes: Jim:

We just finished up the World War I fly in with the Dawn Patrol here at Gardner Kansas USA. All the airplanes have a variant of a Volkswagon engine on them. Of course I could not resist the temptation to roll out the R2800 and place it in the middle of their display! I could not believe the amount of attention it drew. Before I knew it some bloke from Australia saunters up and started telling me he was in your place last week and bought the 9 cylinder 150 horse engine! We had a great visit and Ray seems very excited about his new engine and to start his WWI project plane. He came all the way to Kansas for this WWI fly in and to visit the guys in the Dawn Patrol.

I just wanted to tell you that I am having so much fun with this engine you guys built and I don't even have it mounted yet!!! It is such an attention getter. I can hardly wait to get in on the airframe and make some smoke and noise!

I am looking forward to next weekend as the Antique Aircraft Fly In will be held here at the same airport where I will once again roll out the R2800. Someone asked if I was selling them for Rotec. I told them no... I just enjoy showing the beautiful machine work and seeing the smile come across their face when they first see it! The engine will sell itself!!! Joe

KitFox 4 with Rotec R2800 Mock-up ..

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The project begins...

15th Jan 2006: The R2800 is mounted with a perfect thrustline and a cowl added...

. . Note the aesthetically pleasing thrust-line. Sensational combination Fitfox IV and Rotec's R2800 .

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3rd July 2006: R2800 fires up... Joe writes: ... I got the R2800 running again tonight and got you some good photo's. WHAT A HOOT!!!! ... I can not wait to taxi up to the fuel pumps on Saturday morning when all the old geezers are sitting around drinking coffee! Joe

R2800 fires up . Taxi around for fun . Ground testing the Rotec R2800

19th April 2007 Joe writes: Hi Jim,

Just thought I would drop in and send a few more photo's as the cowling has now been completed with the collector ring installed. Engine runs great... more "round sound" with the ring verses the short stacks. I'll need bigger tires for better prop clearance, but sure is fun running and taxing around on the hard surface. Can't wait to get it out on a grass runway.

Cheers. Joe

Joe's KF 4 gets a collector ring. . Joe's KF4 geta a collector ring.. R2800 gets some ground testing. R2800 going through its paces. .

16th July 2008 Joe writes (Rotec: sorry it took so long to get these uploaded ...):

I have included some photo's of several events here in Kansas and Missouri that I had the Kitfox at. Unfortunately the events were down in attendance this year. The first three are of one of the fly-in's at Gardner where the WW1 and the Antique Airplane fly-in's are held in June.

. RotecRadial  gathers interest . Closer look at the RotecRadial . Gardner Fly-in interest grows

The ones in the hangar are at the Downtown Kansas City airport where we just had the First Annual Youth Aviation Day and Pancake Breakfast Fly In. Again with the heat we have had recently it was not the best attendance but the Rotec still drew lots of attention!

..Breakifast fly-in. 1st Kansas Aviation Day .

Finally some "Power Run" shots.

Power Run . Power Run .

and finally

Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty!

Cheers Joe.


Great Work! Looking forward to the next progress report...