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Accessories From Rotec Aerosport .

All factory made and or Approved

New Throttle Body Injection (Rotec TBI - 40).

  • Affordable Mechanical Fuel Injection as an option for your R2800 and R3600
  • Can be fitted to any engine using a Bing with a 40 mm thoat.
  • Suitable for all engines up to 160HP (a larger version of the TBI-40 is available for larger HP engines)
  • Rotec can make custom adapters for other engines and fore the larger TBI

For more Information on the TBI - 40 click >

New Programable Tacho With LCD Engine Hours Display: rotecradial
Easy to wire
Easy to calibrate
Has Engine Hour Display
Its accurate!
Programmable tachometer with LCD hour meter is available in two sizes and scales.They are:
0-4000rpm with diameter 80.2mm (3.15")
0-7000 rpm with hole diameter 85mm (3.35")
Rotec have both these in stock now.
It can be simply programmed to use with both our nine and seven cylinder engines and is fully programmable using the LCD display. Once the correct spark ratio i.e. 3.5 for the 7cyl or 4.5 for the 9cyl. is punched in the rpm calibration is done and is exact. No switches or pots to fiddle with while the engine is running with prop turning at 2000rpm!
Programmable: 12V For use with the Rotec R2800 and Rotec R3600. Engine hours are displayed in the LCD window. Non-volatile memory chip stores hours even without power. Comprehensive instructions included on how to calibrate 3.5 ignition spark and how to wire the clock.
Price: As a stand alone unit the cost is $285USD Price Includes Delivery (FedEx) but excludes any duties or taxes at the destination (no duties or taxes applicable for the USA)

Electric Oil Pump Kit:
A fantastic little electric scavenge pump that can be optionally used in parallel with the normal mechanical one - it clears any residual oil from mini sump.
During testing, we found that if we left the pump on for a few minutes after shut down it cleared almost all the oil from the engine and put it back in the tank.
Furthermore, we found that turning the engine over by hand, while the pump was on, bottoms the piston which pushes the oil out of the lower cylinders and down the front and rear drains allowing the pump to whisk that oil away.
The net result being less mess on the floor and seemly far less hydraulic lock oil to contend with; though it must be stressed that this pump does not elliminate HL.

A temporary picture (from mini sump left back to tank right).
To fit: simply attach an oil line from the sump to the pump, then from the pump to the oil tank - no mods required at all. That's it!
Aluminium Oil Tank (includes fittings) - Custom made to fit your craft:

This example was made for Fisher Celebrity Bi-Plane.
NEW - Collector Ring For R2800 & R3600
Factory made, tested and approved. Features:
>>Dual Exhaust
>>Polished and chrome plated
>>Segmented in seven/nine parts with expansion clamps

>>Looks superb and is in fact more compact than the stubs - Judge for yourself:
Click on the thumbnail to expand - view the pic and close to return here...
With dual outlet... viewed from the back ...

Rotec R2800 Tuned Laminated Propeller (climbing / STOL)
Now available in sizes up to 86 in diameter:
... .. ... ...
Wood colours: Light (click on above thumbnail), Dark and Dual coloured (click on next thumbnail)

>>Finest aeronautical graded wood
>>Hand crafted

>>Designed and tuned for optimal performance with the R2800
>>Technical support to help you choose the right size and pitch
>>Plain colour or dual tone
Click to enlarge

VDO Gauge Package price ( gauges 2 1/4" & 3 1/8"):
>>1 x callabratable tachometer
>>1 x Oil pressure gauge and sender unit
>>1 x Oil temperature gauge and sender unit
>>1 x Oil pressure warning light switch
>>1 x Cylinder head temperature gauge and thermo couple
>>1 x Volt meter
>>1 x Exhaust gas temperature gauge and thermo couple
>>1 x Fuel pressure gauge and plumbing kit
Examples in the standard Black:

Rotec specific low pressure electric fuel pump
>>Low cost backup fuel pump.

Engine Mounts
>>Full CAD design facilities for your needs
>>Aeronautical steel
>>Welded to aeronautical specifications
This Section is devoted to manual Updates and Schematics:
Item 1 - Hoses and Connections:
The suction hose from the main oil tank to the pressure pump should be 3/8" ( Pervious 5/8" is way too large now). This was once used when the engine pulled oil from a low mounted tank that oil drained back into, it was effectively a wet sump. The 5/8" was used before we ran the fully scavenged system.

Basically you can use a combination of 3/8 or 5/16 hoses (same as link hoses on rocker boxes). So long as the hoses are of average length either will work fine.
In the last few batch runs of engine production we have replaced some of the threaded fittings for the simpler and less expensive ally nipples. We have used these in low pressure connections only. I recommend that these nipple connections be made with "fuel injection auto type hose clamps" they are very strong as they are not the typically worm style clamp and have a steel band with a small bolt that tightens the clamp. These nipple fittings and clamps can also be used to terminate all the return lines to the main tank except the main oil pressure pump supply which should be a threaded coupling.

The JIC threads are all the same as standard "AN" aviation fittings, threads and seats. In due course I'll change that terminology too.
Item 2- Oil Schematic & Wiring Schematic
Click here to download a zip of the Oil Schematic (JPG).
Click here to download a zip of the Wiring Schematic (JPG)
Click here to view the Oil Schematic
Click here to view the Wiring Schematic
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